Mineralogically, kunzite is the pink form of the silicate mineral spodumene, which is an important industrial source of lithium. Spodumene occurs naturally in a variety of colors, including gray, white, emerald green, and yellow. Although all these various colors of spodumene are marketed as kunzite, only pink kunzite is true kunzite. Gemstone quality kunzite, such as these sparkling polished specimens, is translucent or transparent with a vitreous luster.
Polished Kunzite SpecimensMetaphysically, pink kunzite works on the heart chakra to bring peace, feelings of love & self love, tranquility and joy. We often use kunzite in our work with clients to bring a deep & sound peace of mind and relaxation during sessions. Kunzite, in our experience, can offer the wearer a profound relaxation.
The presence of lithium, which is used in tranquilizing pharmaceuticals, in this healing crystal is thought to promote tranquility and peace of mind, relax the body and soothe the spirit.

Pink Kunzite can enhance loving communication, dissolve negativity and greatly enhance meditation. Because the energy field becomes so relaxed & tranquil when working with kunzite in our experience, it is a wonderful stone to wear when feeling overly anxious or stressed, and therefore would be very useful to wear in a crowded social situation, such as parties or family gatherings.

In addition, kunzite is said to connect the heart and throat chakra, providing the inner peace that is the prerequisite for speaking one's own inner truth, free from fear. Kunzite is also thought to provide a powerful energetic barrier to unwanted outside influences of all kinds by raising the vibrational frequency of the area around the stone.

Beautiful kunzite specimens and gemstones are mineralogical collector's items, powerful metaphysical tools for lightworkers and spiritual seekers who wish to experience the loving, protective, and peaceful energy of true pink kunzite.

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