Metaphysical Properties of the Earth Heart Pendant

Earth Heart Pendant

This unusual and beautiful new pendant from one of our suppliers has been named Earth Heart Crystal because of its ability to create a "peaceful refuge in alignment with the deep and pure Heart of the Earth, revealing lessons in Oneness and facilitating humanity in achieving global consciousness."

When we first worked with this pendant, before the designers had come up with a name, I named it the Medicine Wheel because in working with it, I felt a strong connection to Native American traditions as well as a sense of deep protection, calm & access to my own Higher Wisdom, as well as being connected to a long line of Wisdom Keepers.

This lovely piece is perfectly transparent with four planes of facets which converge to a central point emanating the violet ray. It imparts both a sense of stability and a sense of being centered.

The fourfold symmetry of the Earth Heart pendant echoes the four-fold symmetry of the tetrahedral silicon dioxide molecules that produce crystals of all types. The four-fold symmetry also symbolizes the four directions and the four elements, and Earth Heart crystals help to ground us in the here and now on the planet Earth. The four-fold symmetry of the Earth Heart crystal also connects the bearer to the Great Goddess, who has been honored for millennia with symbolic depictions of the four directions of the compass.

I would recommend this piece to anyone for Protection, Clarity, Inspiration or anyone doing Lightwork or Healing work. 

Visit the Earth Heart section of our Crystal Store to view Earth Heart pendants in a variety of colors.

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