Wesak Scorpio Full Blood Moon Eclipse 2022 Cosmic Weather Forecast

Welcome to the May 2022 Cosmic Weather Forecast by Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry. There's a hurricane strength shitstorm whirling around us this month on planet Earth. 

America's Pluto Return is turning into a global horror show, with multiple threats undermining the social, environmental, political, geo-strategic and financial systems that constitute the current American Hydrocarbon Imperium. For Americans, there are no end of enemies, domestic and foreign, popping up and demanding attention.

Aeneas and the Cumaean Sibyl in the Underworld
Attributed to Jan Brueghel the Elder , Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It's all part of America's ongoing experience of the Dark Night of the Soul. We can only hope that our collective trip to the Underworld and our experience of the slow motion collapse of the status quo will be a learning experience for all humanity, and that those of us attuned to Higher
Mind will be empowered to plant the seeds that may someday sprout into a new, more humble way of living on the planet that honors the Earth Mother and respects all sentient beings.

We would do well to emulate Aeneas, who successfully made the round trip journey into the Underworld to seek his Father and obtain guidance with the help of the Apollonian Priestess known as the Sibyl of Cumae. Let us all call upon our inner Prophetess to guide us through these troubling times, for our rational minds cannot comprehend the vast transformations occurring around us or discover the inner wisdom waiting to be uncovered during this Dark Night of the Soul. 

This month, unprecedented spring heatwaves are threatening crops in South Asia and in the American West. Last month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a new report and the news was not good. Rapid climate change is accelerating. Scientists agree that they have been overly optimistic in their projections. It now appears that many of the disastrous climate changes previously predicted for the end of this century will begin to manifest in about fifteen or twenty years. This leaves only a few years left to completely transform our Hydrocarbon Civilization and avoid unacceptable pain and suffering for all humanity.

An intense heat wave in mid- and late April 2022 brought temperatures 4.5 to 8.5°C (8 to 15°F) above normal in east, central, and northwest India—just weeks after the country recorded its hottest March since the country’ meteorological department began keeping records more than 120 years ago. Image courtesy NASA Earth Observatory.

On our present course, in a mere 10-20 years we will see hundreds of millions of climate refugees. India and China will be unable to feed themselves. We will witness the breakup of the Thwaites glacier, the stalling of the Gulf Stream and the entire system of thermohaline currents that regulates temperatures in land masses adjacent to the Atlantic ocean. In short, we will breach major climate tipping points that cannot be reversed as the Earth begins to slide into a new Jurassic Park climate equilibrium, not seen for hundreds of millions of years.

America's Empire is faltering, but America is fighting back against a belligerent Russian challenger while China rises as the newest global superpower. Governments around the world are now focused on the conflicts generated by the friction between these powerful nations, and concerns about impending climate catastrophe are being marginalized at this crucial moment in history.

So far there is no progress toward negotiations that might bring a halt to the ongoing war in Ukraine, despite calls for peace talks by Pope Francis and 200 former UN officials. Both sides see the other as an existential threat and believe they can eventually obtain a military victory, one way or another. Neither side sees a way out of what could be a decade long, bloody war of attrition.

Medium-range ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead RSD-10 "Pioneer"
CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

But escalation is not off the table either, especially in the absence of negotiations. Russian President Putin showcased his country's nuclear missiles at the May Day parade in Moscow, brandishing the nuclear button that could trigger nuclear Armageddon.

Already, Europe and America have begun allocating massive sums to new weapons systems and the world is entering an accelerated arms race that will greatly expand the store of nuclear and conventional weaponry while preventing governments from spending essential money already promised to fight climate change in order to meet targets admittedly insufficient to forestall disaster.

In addition to escalating military confrontations among major powers, a financial Cold War threatens to split the highly globalized financial world structured by the American Empire in the Twentieth Century into two warring camps, divided by an economic Iron Curtain.

Financial markets in America are in free fall, as the economy exhibits both raging inflation and simultaneous stagnation. The seemingly unstoppable rise of Bitcoin, Tether, and other digital monies has reversed dramatically. Tech stocks are in free fall this year. Trillions of dollars have been lost in recent months in Treasury bonds. 

Recession grips Europe.

Developing countries face the prospect of financial disaster as a result of skyrocketing prices for commodities.

China's residential real estate bubble is bursting, and the consequences are spilling over into the rest of the economy, with the government searching for ways to control the escalating damage. 

In fact, the multi-decade Global Everything Bubble in stocks, bonds, and real estate is in danger of bursting worldwide.

Central banks cannot tighten monetary policy to dampen perceived runaway inflation and also loosen credit conditions and lower interest rates to re-inflate bursting financial market bubbles at the same time.

They are caught in an insoluble dilemma and the likely result is at best years of stagflation, which means ongoing recession with high inflation, and at worst a historic drop in the value of financial assets and real estate comparable to the 2008 financial crisis, and possible even worse. 

Signs at demonstration in front of SCOTUS May 3 2022
Janni Rye, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

To top off this poisonous cocktail of ongoing environmental, geo-strategic and economic disasters a leak of a pending legal decision by the US Supreme Court indicates that the ultra-conservative Supremes are about to repeal the landmark ruling of Roe v. Wade, gutting what's left of American women's reproductive rights.

This would give each state the right to create laws governing abortion, and potentially to criminalize ectopic miscarriages, and other problem pregnancies, same sex relations, pornography and contraception. Red states are in an accelerating race to fashion Draconian new legislation that will repeal a wide variety of human rights and prosecute women seeking abortion for murder and more.  

It is only 178 days until America's November elections. Americans are more polarized than ever in the wake of the SCOTUS leak and the impending abolition of Roe v. Wade. Democrats are losing faith in the judicial system and the Constitution. Republicans believe that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and they want revenge. Mass demonstrations, repressive police responses, and increasingly hostile confrontations between Red and Blue factions can be expected.

Last month, I promised a deep dive into the global financial cold war and the outer planet astrological aspects that symbolize the long term re-engineering of the world's money systems, but in the face of the ongoing deluge of bad news, I have received guidance to make the Celebration of Wesak at the upcoming Full Moon the focus of this newsletter. We will certainly have more to say about global news in the near future.

I have been receiving helpful insights in meditation designed to optimize the positive aspects of this global spiritual festival, and I urge all of you to join us in taking this opportunity to retreat for a moment from putting all our attention on the 24/7 news cycle and the social media wars, and open ourselves to the grace and guidance available to us at this auspicious time of year.

Let us all unify our intent during the week to come, and together issue a global cry for peace, social justice, sexual equality, human rights, and right human relations that will resound throughout every dimension of the multiverse! 

Cosmic Weather Forecast

Monday May 16th we celebrate Wesak, the spring festival of Buddha's birthday.

Meditation, by Alex Gray

Millions will join in meditation and prayer to reinforce the Communion of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Guides and Teachers with aspiring spiritual practitioners around the world.

A Full Blood Moon Eclipse occurs that same day at 12:15 A.M. (EDT) at 25°17' Scorpio, opposed by the Sun at  25°17' Taurus.  
The moon normally travels in a slightly different orbital plane than the Sun and Earth, but occasionally the planes intersect, and when the Earth passes between the Sun and a Full Moon, the Earth's shadow blocks out the reflected light of the moon so it appears dark to an observer on Earth.

On these occasions, when some light from Earth's sunset or sunrise falls on the moon and we can view a reddish lunar coloration we are granted a view of a rare Full Blood Moon eclipse. This year's Scorpio Full Blood Moon Eclipse will be visible in most of North America, beginning on Sunday, May 15 and continuing through Monday May 16th.

Skywatcher Keith Burns took this montage of images, which shows the Dec. 20, 2010, total lunar eclipse. The montage won a NASA contest to become an official NASA/JPL wallpaper for the public. (Image credit: Keith Burns/NASA/JPL)

The Full Blood Moon Eclipse takes place as Luna reaches the point in its orbit when it is in closest proximity to the Earth, so this Scorpio Full Moon will appear extraordinarily large in the sky, and for this reason is a Super Moon. 

Full Blood Moon Eclipses can propel us into completely new mental, emotional, and social landscapes, and since this Scorpio Full Moon is a Super Moon, the disorienting effects could be magnified. As multiple global crises unfold and America's Pluto Return continues to unleash a procession of horrors, it already feels like we are disoriented and living in a strange land.

This week, our mental maps of the world may suddenly appear unreliable as we enter a set of startling new situations in which historical precedent, common sense judgements based upon past experience, and analysis based on superficial appearances may all be misleading. 

This places an extraordinary burden on our emotional bodies and our nervous systems, as we attempt to get our bearings in unfamiliar territory. This Full Blood Super Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, could signify the onset of a deep emotional experience of death and hopefully rebirth. Scorpio is symbolized by the scorpion and the eagle, both associated with intense, deep, emotional waters.

A modern colorized version of the wood engraving in Flammarion's L'atmosphère: météorologie populaire
Houston PhysicistCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In order to orient ourselves in our new circumstances, we may need to pierce the veil that is woven from our habitual ways of seeing and being in the world. This may feel like a form of death, but the effort can enable us to exercise much needed discernment that will enable us to manifest a liberating renewal of hope, creativity, and vision in our lives.

We may be called upon to release our expectations, our emotional anchors, and our attachments to some of the collective 
thought-forms and unspoken assumptions that structure our social interactions.

We may find that releasing these outworn emotional attachments and mental maps of the world will enable us to see ourselves and our social landscape more clearly.

We may discover a new sense of freedom when we drop our reactive emotional responses to the world changing events that are transporting us into a strange new land and allow our inner discernment and spiritual guidance to direct us onto new, unknown pathways that can lead us to unexpected, creative visions and solutions to longstanding, intransigent problems and conflicts in our lives.


The constellation Scorpius constellation from Uranographia by Johannes Hevelius.

The Sabian Symbol for the Scorpio Full Blood Super Moon Eclipse this month is American Indians Making Camp After Moving Into a New Territory. It is worth quoting Dane Rudhyar's original commentary on this symbol, because it is so appropriate for this month's Lunar Festival. 

"He who lives in harmony with nature, moving on as new needs arise, finds himself intuitively at home everywhere," Rudhyar explains. "He does not make demands upon life, for he has identified himself with the great rhythms of the biosphere and he functions at peace with what they produce. This is the message of the American Indian culture which European invaders so wantonly and meaninglessly destroyed nearly everywhere. Western man has lost faith in life because he wants to dominate and enslave [nature's] manifestations."

Confronted with potential environmental catastrophe and the impending implosion of our Global Hydrocarbon Civilization, we all are entering unknown lands and we are seeking to achieve a new balance with nature. 

Looking to the sky to decipher incoming Cosmic Weather patterns, we foresee complex currents of energy that will in many ways be supportive of our efforts to attain a new dynamic equilibrium in this new and   increasingly unstable world we are inhabiting.

Jupiter and Aurora, image by Hubble's Outer Planet Atmospheres Legacy (OPAL) program.
Credits: NASA, ESA, and J. Nichols (University of Leicester)

Three days ago, on May 10th, Jupiter, the Guru Planet of Good Fortune, transitioned from Pisces to Aries, and we all perceived a clarion call to action. It's time to turn our wish lists, vision boards and dream scenarios into practical to do lists and get going. Climbing the highest mountain begins with simple steps. 

The transition of any planet from Pisces to Aries, from flowing water to flaring fire, is challenging as well as potentially productive. When water meets fire, steam is generated. Will we be burned or will we harness that volatile energy in our own personal equivalent of a steam engine that can provide the power we need to achieve our loftiest spiritual and material goals?

Mercury is retrograde until June 3, so it is very likely that we may feel thwarted in our attempts to progress and to manifest new projects or move forward with our daily chores. We must all be aware of the potential for an angry reaction to this restrictive energy signature, and exercise patience and discernment as we move forward.

Jupiter will be in Aries May 10-October 27, 2022, and then, after retrograding back into Pisces, will return to Aries a second time December 21, 2022, through May 16, 2023. Historically the transition from Jupiter in Pisces to Jupiter in Aries, a combustible movement back and forth between fire and water, generates flare ups of military adventurism and incendiary conflicts in the world at large.

The last time we experienced this Jupiter transition in 2010-2011, the Arab Spring erupted, challenging authoritarian governments throughout the Middle East. In 1999, this Jupiter aspect coincided with the Kargil War between India and Pakistan. In 1987, the Iran-Iraq war erupted. In 1975, America endured the fall of Saigon, and defeat in the Vietnamese War. Prior such periods included the Korean War and the start of World War II.

That all sounds ominous, and may well indicate that current global conflicts could escalate and spread. 

The Guardian Angel Protecting a Child from the Empire of the Demon
Domenico Fetti 
, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

However, Soul Astrology identifies Jupiter in Aries as a major positive influence on our spiritual lives and practices. Blending the energies of Mercury, Jupiter and the element of fire, Jupiter in Aries grants us the ability to increase the flow of Loving Wisdom in our own psyches, and to impart that healing energy to all those around us. 

Jupiter in Aries offers us the experience of communion with our Holy Guardian Angel, who we will perceive whispering in our ear, always in close proximity, providing us with protection, guidance, and an increased ability to communicate our deepest inner truths and visions to others. 

On May 24, Mars enters its ruling sign of Aries, and we are fired up through July 5 by this aggressive energy signature. By May 29, Mars will be conjunct Jupiter, and the fiery energy will be extremely potent and combustible The potential for rash decisions this month, and the impulse to make belligerent moves against perceived enemies certainly exists, and we should all beware of allowing anger to seize control of our lives.

Soul centered individuals, who are in close contact with Higher Mind, or the Holy Guardian Angel, will feel a strong impulse to clear away all that encumbers them from achieving their Higher Purpose in life. 

The Violet Flame of Purification and Alchemical Transmutation

In any case, the likelihood is that this month we will all transition from going with the flow to fighting the tide and forcing the river to run in new channels of our own creation. The time is right to undertake Herculean spiritual tasks and heroic endeavors. Now is the time to pursue sublime experiences involving the Violet Flame of Alchemical Transformation, to perform energy healing of all kinds, and to call forth our inner spiritual warrior to engage in soulful battle with those who seek to limit our potential.

I would like to share a special love poem I wrote during the time of this Spring Wesak Festival Full Moon. The poem is called "I would love to be your sun". The poem carries the energetic signature of the Divine Lovers, and serves as a reminder to us all that love is the key to our accelerated spiritual growth, love is the key to achieving right human relations, love is the key to achieving world peace, and love is the key to solving all the environmental, political, and social problems on planet Earth. Love, and only love, will lead the way to a New Age.

Jane and I pray that during this Full Moon Wesak Festival you will receive the grace and guidance you need to achieve your loftiest spiritual goals this coming year!

Jane and Curtis at Giant Tin Teapot, Old Salem, North Carolina, Selfie

May your lives be full of abundance, joy, health, strength, courage, and above all, may your hearts be opened and may love come into your life day after day!

Meditation Moment: Waking Up, by Linda Hogan

This is the world
so vast and lonely
without end, with mountains
named for men
who brought hunger
from other lands,
and fear
of the thick, dark forest of trees
that held each other up,
knowing fire dreamed of swallowing them
and spoke an older tongue,
and the tongue of the nation of wolves
was the wind around them. 
Even ice was not silent.
It cried its broken self
back to warmth.
But they called it
ice, wolf, forest of sticks,
as if words would make it something 
they could hold in gloved hands,
open, plot a way
and follow.

This is the map of the forsaken world.
This is the world without end
where forests have been cut away from their trees.
These are the lines wolf could not pass over.
This is what I know from science:
that a grain of dust dwells at the center
of every flake of snow,
that ice can have its way with land,
that wolves live inside a circle
of their own beginning. 
This is what I know from blood: 
the first language is not our own.

There are names each thing has for itself,
and beneath us the other order already moves.
It is burning.
It is dreaming.
It is waking up.