Reviewing the God Theory - Subtle Energy and The Cosmic Field of Fields

Reviewing the God Theory - Subtle Energy and The Cosmic Field of Fields

buddhaCurtis Lang
The Divine Plan is for the Absolute Energy beyond time and space to come to know itself fully by creatively individuating itself in a myriad of forms evolving over time within the framework of the space-time continuum until each spark of individuated consciousness comes to recover its true identity and Unity with the Divine. This is Satya, this is Truth.

Libra Solar Festival, Aries Penumbral Eclipse Full Moon 2013 Cosmic Weather Forecast

age of aquariusCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
We can expect that this Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse in the Cardinal sign of Aries will pump up the tense, conflicted energy that is being unleashed by the recurring Grand Cardinal Cross. However there are also several potent Trine aspects that indicate ease and grace, and promise that if we make an effort to connect with our spiritual guidance we will find we have all we need to navigate through the economic, political and environmental crises unfolding simultaneously on Planet Earth today.

June 2012 Cosmic Weather Forecast Part I: Stellar Fireworks Display!

age of aquariusCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
This month the sky is filled with signs and portents of earth-shaking change, some hopeful, some ominous, and the energy streaming in to us from the Cosmos is so powerful that our very physical vessels are challenged to maintain equilibrium. The task of humanity is to step forward into the Light with courage. The courageous are not necessarily fearless at all. The courageous are those who follow their Higher Purpose despite their fear!

Virgo Full Moon & Spring Equinox 2012 Cosmic Weather Forecast

archangel raphaelCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
This is the moment each month when an alchemical transformation occurs in the Solar System which benefits all Earthly life-forms. The masculine, yang energy of the Sun is transmuted by the feminine, yin energy of the Moon, and the energy that streams forth on the night of the Full Moon partakes of the energy signatures of both Solar Wisdom and Lunar Love.

Spring Equinox 2008

alchemyCurtis Lang
By consistent practice and the Grace of the Divine, we can transform our hearts and our energy signatures. We can alchemically transmute the lead of egotistical rationality into the gold of Unity consciousness. We can eventually transform our hearts from leaden mirrors that can at best occasionally be cleaned sufficiently to reflect the Holy Spirit in some small way into luminous light-giving Sources of energy, true inner tabernacles lit by undimmable lamps of radiance serving as the suitably purified homes of Spirit.

Leo Solar Festival and the Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse 2009 Satya Center Newsletter

astrological forecastsCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
Our Celestial Weather Report for August includes an amazing array of astrological interactions among the large, outer planets, signifying changes taking place at the most profound levels of the collective consciousness, with major shifts in social relations sure to follow in many areas of life. Political and economic fault-lines are being triggered and major upheavals are likely during the next year.

Wesak 2006: Taurus Solar Festival with Full Moon in Scorpio

ascended mastersCurtis Lang
High in the Himalayas there lies a remote valley, circumscribed by lofty mountain ranges. On the third day prior to the May Full Moon, a slow but steady stream of adepts, high lamas, magi, monks, and seekers travel through a small funnel shaped opening in the mountains.

Valentine's Day Newsletter 2007

chakra systemCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
"Each one of us has only one person to change and that person is at hand twenty-four hours a day, at our command. What beauty in God's mathematics! It comes to billions. If everyone evolves to a higher consciousness- or even most of us- the world will change."
All Fool's Day: Love and Cosmic Unity

All Fool's Day: Love and Cosmic Unity

ascension practicesCurtis Lang
In Rome, April 1 was the date of the Festival of Veneralia, dedicated to Venus, goddess of love, death, orchards, waters and sexuality. Women washed a statue or image of Venus in rivers and lakes, adorned her with precious jewels and long robes, then burned incense in honor of the Goddess.

Tongues of Fire: Pentecost, Kundalini and the Ways of the Holy Spirit

alchemyCurtis Lang
The Holy Spirit is equivalent to the kundalini energy Eastern adepts in the yoga tradition raise within themselves in the process of enlightenment. European Alchemists called this energy Mercury, the Strength of All Strengths.