Full Moon in Virgo, Pisces Solar Festival 2016

astrological forecastsCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
The conjunction of Moon, Jupiter and North Node in Virgo during this Full Moon Festival indicates that each of us can utilize the ambient cosmic energies of this highly charged moment to crystallize a long-range vision of our futures that will truly exemplify the best and highest good of all life forms on Planet Earth. We have a favorable atmosphere for all spiritual practices, for dreaming, for art, for focused relaxation, creative visualization, and enjoyment of all that soothes body, mind, heart and soul. So chillax! But don't overdo.

A Maypole in Prison

There are a surprising number of Pagans in prison—something like 20,000 in the U.S. Most of them become Pagan while they’re incarcerated. While the numbers of Christians are higher, the Pagans have some of the highest numbers of active, participating members of any religious group—and are among the least served, with no paid chaplains and endless barriers for volunteers.
Wesak and Earth Day Full Moon in Scorpio, Taurus Solar Festival

Wesak and Earth Day Full Moon in Scorpio, Taurus Solar Festival

astrological forecastsCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
Shakyamuni Buddha taught that the individual Self, experienced as the egoistic personality, is an illusion, and that each of us is indissolubly united with the vast web of life that interpenetrates the physical and spiritual realms, extending throughout the space-time continuum, encompassing past, present and future. When we become fully conscious of that interdependent connection we have to the web of life, to Mother Earth and to the Heavens above us, that is the achievement of our spiritual goal in life. At that moment we are liberated and we achieve Nirvana.
Summer Solstice Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, Gemini Solar Festival 2016

Summer Solstice Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, Gemini Solar Festival 2016

age of aquariusCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
The now-infamous Grand Mutable Cross forms and re-forms this month, perfecting this Sunday, June 19, and regressing into a potent T-Square on June 25. There is a fog of confusion, paranoia, anger, recrimination, and ego-inflation blanketing the collective consciousness. We are in the no-man’s land between one age and another. The way forward is uncharted. There are no gps systems that provide co-ordinates for the unfolding new world that will emerge in the new age to come. If anyone approaches you with a treasure map or some other deal that seems too good to be true, rest assured, it is!

Taurus Full Moon, Scorpio Solar Festival 2014 Cosmic Weather Forecast

divine loversCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
The Full Moon in Taurus is traditionally a lovers’ moon, perfect for romance, which combines the emotional, sexy watery nature of Scorpio with the earthy sensuality of Taurus.

December 2011 Cosmic Weather Forecast

archangel gabrielCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
An extremely rare Full Moon Total Lunar Selenelion Eclipse marks this as a time of dying dreams and simultaneously as a time when new visions for humanity's future are incubating within the collective consciousness of humanity.

Wesak Full Moon Cosmic Weather Forecast: The End of the Industrial Revolution

ascended mastersCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
Auspicious planetary forces will harmonize conflicting energies this Wesak Full Moon Festival. That's good because the long-term Cosmic Weather Forecast is conflicted. We must soon manage the looming end of the Industrial Revolution, raging religious and resource wars, peak oil, environmental catastrophes and the decline of the American Empire.

Winter Solstice 2010 Newsletter

christmasCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
As we look back on this year of intense personal change, which began with a move from New York to California just before last spring, we recall the heart-felt agony triggered by the Deepwater Horizon disaster, apocalyptic fires in Russia, the floods in Pakistan, the cholera crisis in Haiti, the periodic panics in global financial markets, the riots in Athens, Paris, Rome and London, the TSA groping scandals, and the sky-high unemployment rate in America.

Bush & Brezhnev: Separated at Birth?

crisis of human civilizationCurtis Lang
America is Losing The Great Game of Imperial Conquest. The Reign of Bush the Younger Resembles the Last Days of the Soviet Empire. Seemingly Impregnable and Destined to Rule Forever, Despots Always Fall.

Festival of Humanity 2006 -- Full Moon in Sagittarius

age of aquariusCurtis Lang
This Full Moon is conjunct dark Pluto and the Galactic Center. Pluto in Sagittarius supports the transformation of our culture’s most basic belief structures. When Pluto is conjunct the moon, which is the seat of our personal subconscious beliefs, and also the Galactic Center, the time is ripe for a total shift in consciousness, a transformation of personal and cultural values on the broadest possible scale.

The Twilight of The Era of Cheap Oil

age of aquariusCurtis Lang
We are in the twilight of the age of mass industrialization and consumption, of a long spiritual cycle focused on the development of the individual sense of self. The Aquarian age of community is coming soon.

Pisces Solar Festival, Virgo Full Moon & Spring Equinox 2015 Cosmic Weather Forecast

archangel raphaelCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
March is the month most suited to begin a process of healing. For this is the month Archangel Raphael’s presence appears on planet Earth, and Raphael is above all the Archangel of healing. So this full moon is the ideal time to connect with Archangel Raphael and to seek healing.