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Welcome to the Marcel Vogel Archive at Satya Center!

Marcel Vogel (1917-1991) was one of America’s most prominent late Twentieth Century spiritual scientists, who helped stimulate great public interest in the use of highly faceted quartz crystals for meditation and therapeutic purposes.

Our Editor, Curtis Lang, is providing an edited version of the Vogel manuscript that was prepared for publication in the late Nineteen Eighties, not long before Vogel’s death, but never published.

The material from that manuscript has been edited primarily for grammar and accuracy, and preserves the original voice of Marcel Vogel faithfully.

The manuscript was considered to need further editing, and our Editor has attempted to provide commentary, transitional material, contextual references and other necessary additions, including material from other previously unpublished material from the Marcel Vogel archives.

It is hoped this will provide an accurate and stylistically pleasing new version of this as-yet-unpublished work by one of America’s foremost spiritual scientists of the late Twentieth Century, a man whose career provided much of the basis for today’s use of highly faceted quartz crystals in healing and meditation.

Where material has been added to the original manuscript from other sources in the Vogel archive, these passages are footnoted. The Editor’s own commentary is indicated by italic text.

This Vogel material is published with permission. All Rights Reserved by Satya Center LLC.

Marcel demonstrates the profound energy of love with his ever present teddy bear.

Introduction by Curtis Lang

Who Was Marcel Vogel?

Marcel Vogel (1917-1991) was one of America’s most prominent late Twentieth Century spiritual scientists, who helped stimulate great public interest in the use of highly faceted quartz crystals for meditation and therapeutic purposes.

Marcel Vogel worked for IBM for 27 years doing research and development. He helped develop the magnetic coating for IBM’s disc drive, which acts as the storage unit for a computer's memory. Vogel created the first liquid crystal displays, or LCDs, is credited with numerous original patents, and authored many scientific papers. 

Later, Vogel turned his attention to a study of subtle energies in plants, humans and crystals. Although it seemed strange to many of his scientific colleagues, friends and family, Vogel was as interested in the direct experience of the subtle energies that structure the human experience of spiritual realities as he was in exploring new scientific frontiers.

Vogel was a devout Catholic, with a life-long spiritual practice, and enjoyed a reputation as a very loving individual.

According to accounts of students, family and friends, Marcel exhibited a tremendously strong energy field. His early experiments with crystals resulted in a contact with a Hindu spiritual teacher who convinced Vogel to travel to India, where he had a powerful spiritual awakening that increased the flow of Universal Life Force Energy in his body substantially.

From his experimental work with crystals, Vogel learned that by pointing a crystal at another person, the crystal would amplify the person’s thoughts and emotions. This often also led to putting the individual into an altered state of consciousness. The next step was for Vogel to utilize the quartz crystals for therapeutic purposes.

Vogel worked with a number of medical doctors for many years, teaching the MDs his techniques of crystal healing, and encouraging them to conduct informal clinical trials of the use of quartz crystals in medical settings.

Vogel appeared on TV, shattering spoons with the force of the energy carried on his breath alone. His work appeared in various national newspapers and magazines, and he became one of the best known crystal healers in America.

Marcel Vogel Works with a Vogel WandSpiritual scientist Marcel Vogel toured the world in the late 20th century conducting workshops in the Nineteen Eighties that introduced many, many people to the mysterious power of highly faceted quartz crystal wands used in energy healing sessions.

During this time Vogel designed and cut quartz crystals in specific shapes designed to optimize the flow of Universal Life Force energy into and through the crystal, to be used for healing purposes and in meditation. He taught several crystal cutters and many, many crystal healers and Lightworkers his techniques and shared his crystal wisdom with seekers all over the world.

Marcel Vogel Manuscript Project

Vogel worked for years on a manuscript project that would present both scientific and metaphysical perspectives on subtle energy, quartz crystals and crystal healing techniques.

Vogel’s manuscript discusses the highly faceted quartz crystal designs Marcel created using techniques of sacred geometry and refers to a series of scientific experiments Vogel conducted which were designed to measure subtle energies in plants and crystals and also the subtle energies that comprise the human bio-energetic field.

Vogel’s manuscript also describes the nature of the human bio-energetic field, and details the role of subtle energy in spiritual development, human health, and healing.

Marcel suffered from heart problems in the latter part of his life, and at one point used a crystal to clear up heart issues that were quite severe, startling his own physician.

Marcel suffered an untimely death in 1991 and unfortunately his manuscript had not yet been published, but was still in the process of editing.

For the last 30 years, the crystal healing community has speculated about what might be found in Marcel’s manuscript and in his archives.

Satya Center is pleased to publish, under license, the first installments here on our website.

We will be publishing additional material from the Marcel Vogel archives during the next year or more. If you would like to receive email notifications when new Vogel material is published, please do sign up for our mailing list, using the newsletter sign-up module on our contact us page.

Vogel Healing Wands

Vogel Master Cut Wand

Vogel Healing Wands, cut according to the specifications of legendary IBM scientist and crystal healer Marcel Vogel, are truly rare and powerful instruments as well as lovely jewel like crystal wands.

Marcel Vogel sought to use the power of science and of the lapidary arts to perfect crystalline forms of nature in order to maximize their potential for receiving, amplifying and transmitting Universal Life Force Energy charged with the intent to heal and with the force of love. Vogel cut his crystals to harmonize with the natural quartz structure to enhance the energetic properties of the wand for healing purposes, and the result is also aesthetically pleasing.

Vogel believed that the most important thing to remember in working with faceted crystals for healing is that the purpose of the faceting should be to amplify and transmit an increasingly coherent stream of energy to a subject.

Some hexagonal quartz crystal wands occur naturally with six more or less equilateral sides and more or less equal triangular termination facets. Energy healers discovered that these six sided wands amplifed the energy being transmitted by the wand when the termination facets on the female end created a more obtuse angle and when the termination facets on the male end created a more acute angle. 

In a naturally formed quartz crystal of somewhat irregular shape and symmetry, the energy within the crystal tends to move through the crystal in a less directed way than the Vogel style cuts. But when a crystal had a very definite symmetry, especially the hexagonal symmetry, then the energy gathers in the larger, receptive end of the crystal, and if directed by a knowledgeable human hand, travels in a series of tighter and tighter concentric circles around the interior of the crystal, and down into the tip of the male end of the crystal, where it would be emitted as a much more coherent stream of energy. 

Energy healers also discovered that when the sharp male tip of the healing wand is congruent with the C-axis of the crystal, exactly centered within the circle formed when you look head-on at the male end of the crystal, this made the energetic flow stronger and more coherent.

When the sharp tip on the female end of the crystal, where the six termination facets meet, is congruent with the C-axis of the crystal, exactly centered within the circle formed when you look head-on at the female end of the crystal, this made the energetic flow stronger and more coherent.

Total symmetry created the crystal healer's version of the laser beam.

Marcel Vogel's healing wands were refined artistic versions of this well-known type of hexagonal natural healing wand, known for millennia to energy healers worldwide.

"No two of my crystals are the same," Marcel explained. "They may achieve the same purpose, but there are no two crystals that come to me that are the same."

"So you have to consider the intrinsic property of each natural crystal, and you have to cut away the amount that will bring that crystal to that vibration of 454 [a measurement calibrated by the Omega One radionics device], the same vibration as that of water."

"Once you get that, you have the crystal that will do the work."

"Another key criteria is that they have to be cut with love."

According to Marcel Vogel's written specifications for Vogel healing wands, good Vogel wands should have precisely equal facets on the shaft and tips; good clarity, preferably 90% or more; a well-defined C-axis that runs parallel to the shaft; and termination tips centered in the very middle of the shaft. The male and female terminations should be sharp, and the male should be more acute than the female. The female termination should be larger than the male tip. 

The male termination tip of this gorgeous Vogel healing wand is fashioned to form an extremely sharp tip designed to maximize the coherence and strength of energy streaming from the wand, while the female termination tip was cut a little wider, to maximize the area available for input of Universal Life Force energy from Source, and particularly from the palm chakra of the crystal healing practitioner.

As the prana spirals down the shaft of the wand, the energy stream is amplifed every time it encounters a facet on the shaft. The super-charged energy stream coalesces at the male end of the wand, and is emitted as a highly coherent laser-like beam for use in meditation, vibrational healing and subtle communications.

Energy and crystal healers prize Vogel cut quartz crystals to this day. The art of cutting crystals for use in healing requires extensive knowledge of the high art of crystal-cutting and polishing, an intuitive feel for the subtle energies involved, and an awareness of the needs of the energy healer who will be using the wand.

In his early experiments with cutting healing crystals, which he conducted for many years, Marcel Vogel saw the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in a dream, which is shaped very much like a four sided crystal wand with double termination tips.  He created his first 4-sided healing wands in that shape, and told the story of their origin in the crystal healing workshops he gave students around the world.

Over time, Marcel also designed 6, 8, 12 and 13 sided double terminated crystal healing wands and 6 sided single terminated meditation crystals with a flat base. At first he and his family cut them and sold them to students of crystal healing. Later they involved other cutters as well.

Since Marcel’s death in 1991, crystal designers and cutters have created healing crystal wands of new types with incredibly complex designs based upon principles of sacred geometry, which are still true to the basic ideas of Marcel Vogel.

Marcel Vogel Quotation

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