20% Off! Happy New Year & New Decade! And Big Price Drop on Discounted Vogels Thru 1.31.20 EDT



20% off all month through 1-31-2020! And a Big Price drop on our

Discounted Vogels through 1-31-2020! Happy New Year & New Decade!

Tarot Half Hour Reading
Tarot Half Hour Reading Tarot Half Hour Reading

Tarot Half Hour Reading

Price: $75.00


Have a half hour tarot consultation in the privacy of your own home over the telephone.

For the student of the esoteric Tarot, a card reading offers an opportunity to track probable futures in order to see the most likely outcomes of unfolding present situations.

Tarot may also provide the psycho-spiritual tools to enable us to change our own future in a positive way.

Over time, Curtis has come to believe that working with tarot cards provides us with accurate insights concerning our spiritual health and well-being as well as the concrete particulars of our day to day life.

For more information on Tarot, read Curtis' article Tarot: Yoga of the West.