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30 Minute Reiki Session

Treat yourself to a half hour of Reiki with two practitioners for a full body treatment and chakra balancing.
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Reiki is a Twentieth Century Japanese system of natural healing and spiritual enlightenment, introduced to the world by Dr. Mikao Usui. Curtis and Jane have developed a Reiki technique where they both work on a client at the same time, covering the entire body with the Reiki hand positions more quickly, enabling a client to experience a full body treatment in half the time, for 30 minutes instead of the traditional 60 minute single practitioner treatment. A treatment given with both a female practitioner and a male practitioner creates a doubly safe environment, where trust and relaxation encourage the client's own qualities of balance and harmony to be restored.

Treatments done in this fashion often create profound emotional and soul responses from the client as well and provide an opportunity after the session, to integrate emotions that may have arisen during the treatment, and receive feedback from both a male and female perspective. After developing and working with this technique for six months, Curtis and Jane discovered that both the original Japanese Usui practitioners and also the United States' National Institute of Health recommend giving treatments with two practitioners for each client.

Curtis and Jane can also bring their knowledge of aromatherapy, crystal healing techniques, flower essence and releasing work to the table if needed, when working with a client. Of course, for those that prefer it, the more traditional hour long single practitioner treatments are always available for clients. They are certified Reiki Masters in both the Usui and Karuna systems of Reiki.

Read more about Reiki in Satya Center's health section or read the articles "Reiki and the Zero Point Field" for a look at the intersection of science and energy healing and "What is Reiki?". Find out more about our Reiki Services.

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