You Are Loved Black Madonna Talisman

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This black madonna Talisman piece was made to imbue the user with the Higher Knowledge that we are all Loved by the Universe by invoking the healing energies of the Great Mother in her form as the Black Madonna.

It is a mixed media piece, the central important figure of which is a black madonna made from Black Tourmaline by crystal artist Pedro Michel.

While prayerfully invoking the Great Mother for healing of all the bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, I also concentrated on calling in some of Her qualities incluing allusions to The Pleides Star System, the treasures of her elemental forces from beneath the earth in the form of gemstones surrounding her in her throne as well as an old photograph of Curtis and I when we first met and fell in love and were dancing in my studio. The mirrors are there to mirror not only the back of the throne of the Great Mother, but to also see Her within our own reflections.

Other materials used in this box are a sunrise photograph on acid free paper, gold leaf on beeswax, gemstones of peridot, aquamarine and citrine, glitter, bronze powder rubber stamping, oil sticks and a wooden box which has been first covered on the outside with beeswax and crowned at the top with thorns from a bougainvillea bush.

Read more about my work in my artist statement, Creating Spiritual Art for the New Millenium and resume.

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