Will My Real Soulmate Please Stand Up?

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This digital collage was created right in the computer. First I scanned in photographs, then painted on them using Painter computer software and a Wacam tablet.

The piece is a self portrait with four of the loves of my life being held in four of my hands. In this piece, I am Kali, that aspect of the Hindu Divine Mother who is goddess of destruction, slayer of demons, and liberator of the mind. Pictured highest in the frame is Curtis in one of my right hands, (detail below) representing the highest that my love relations has achieved, in our work to illuminate the living symbols of the Divine Lovers.

Detail of Will My Real Soulmate Please Stand Up

The caption reads, "Will my real soulmate please stand up?" and is a light hearted reference to the confusion many of us feel when trying to make choices among competing love relations. In addition, we can be confused by the misleading term "soul mate" which means so many different things in so many different spiritual schools. One can have many mates of the soul, at various levels of karmic expression in this earthly life. Read more about soul mates, love, relationships & The Divine Lovers in our free e-book called "Back to the Garden: Cultivating Love in our Lives" in our relationships section of the Satya Center website.

Detail from Will My Real Soulmate Please Stand Up?

Another detail above, illustrates husband #2, a dramatic character indeed! Tron worked with snakes as part of his cabaret trapeze act. He is depicted here wearing sequins and draped with several of his snake friends. He always said he liked to work with reticulated pythons more than other snakes, as they held on so tightly to him during his act -- they are tree snakes. At other times, he worked with Burmese pythons, which were larger, much larger, but didn't wrap as well, although their temperment was much sweeter! I can attest to that!

Will My Real Soulmate Please Stand Up? is printed in a limited edition of 250 on 11" x 8.5" archival matte paper. Please contact me if you would like it printed on semi gloss photo paper.

Read more about my work in my artist statement, Creating Spiritual Art for the New Millenium and resume.

Will My Real Soulmate Please Stand Up?

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