The Seeds Within

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This piece was inspired by the agriculture lectures of the Austrian mystic and clairvoyant spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner. It was created in late winter as a garden talisman, to insure that the plants in our garden received the proper nourishment from physical and spiritual forces. The piece invokes the co-operation of human, vegetal and spiritual realms. Gardeners who seek to create abundant and vital herbs, flowers and vegetables must succeed in feeding the human kingdom, the nature spirits and the land and sky itself.

The piece is titled The Seeds Within to refer to the dormant spiritual qualities within each of us, which can burst forth in psychic fruit and flower if only we see to their proper nourishment.

Garden Seeds Prayer is another Talisman which is designed with the same purpose in mind.

This piece is printed as a digital print in full color on archival paper. Use this piece in any room facing your garden as a sacred Talisman to insure the nature spirits visit your garden and home and assist you in creating living blessings throughout your domain.

Read more about my work in my artist statement, Creating Spiritual Art for the New Millenium and resume.

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