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Have a half hour tarot consultation in the privacy of your own home over the telephone.

For the student of the esoteric Tarot, a card reading offers an opportunity to track probable futures in order to see the most likely outcomes of unfolding present situations.


Prometheus Brings Fire to Mankind, by Heinrich Fueger, 1817

Tarot may also provide the psycho-spiritual tools to enable us to change our own future in a positive way.

The Tarot offers us a library of archtypical patterns of behavior, and pictures a variety of levels of conciousness associated with particular personality types, with differing life paths, and with signposts along the pathway of individuation, delineating our specific place at any given moment on our personal path toward spiritual growth and attainment.

With over fifty years of experience giving Tarot readings, I have come to believe that working with tarot cards provides us with a tool for visualizing ourselves as a point-event in the Universe.

The Microcosm is a mirror of the macrocosm. For me, a Tarot card reading is like interpreting a dream. The person pulls cards that create a mosaic of symbols constituting a constellation of multi-faceted meanings that depict a person's present psychological, spiritual and physical condition, and the most probable future outcome of present activities, given the person's current environmental conditions.

The job of the reader is to decipher the symbolic patterns disclosed during a particular Tarot reading into accurate insights concerning our spiritual health and well-being.

In this way, the reader can tune a person in to their own intuitive guidance.

About Your Reader, Curtis Lang

For more information on Tarot, read my article Tarot: Yoga of the West.

C G Jung on Symbols and Archetypes

Raised a Roman Catholic, I learned to read Tarot cards at the age of sixteen as an exercise in phenomenology, transpersonal psychology and comparative mythology under the tutelage of Dr. Thomas McEvilley, Distinguished Lecturer in Art History at Rice University.

Since that time, I have given thousands of Tarot readings, studied medieval, Rosicrucian, Qabbalistic, Zen and New Age interpretations of the Tarot, and continue to this day to study sacred geometry, which provides the underpinning for this powerful ancient spiritual practice.

I specialize in questions about soulmates, love relationships, and spiritual quests. I use my own experience to provide guidance about turning point moments in life.

CJ on Flat Top Mountain, Moses Cone Park, North Carolina

CJ on Flat Top Mountain, Moses Cone Park, North Carolina

I have extensive experience with the many varieties of loving and lustful relationships, which provides helpful background during Tarot readings.

Fascinated by the eternally evolving dance of love relationships in human history, and convinced by my studies of alchemy, Tarot and the Tree of Life that spiritual partnership can be a royal road to self-knowledge and self-improvement, I had the great good fortune to meet a woman with whom I shared many lifetimes of spiritual practice in 1980, on a road trip from Texas to New York searching for my soulmate. A series of meaningful coincidences led me to her, and this initiated our lifelong adventure.

Jane Sherry and I have had many past life regressions, separately and together, starting in 1980 and extending through the last few years, and in all cases we remembered the same lifetimes. Our stories fit together like pieces of a four dimensional jigsaw puzzle, complementary but in no way contradictory.

We married in 1986, and have enjoyed a spiritual partnership since that time.

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