Summer House

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This mixed media beeswax box is another favorite from this series. It was made from a constructed cardboard box covered with beeswax, a (found) yellow swallowtail butterfly that met with some hungry creature in the Catskill mountains and silver bronze powder.

As you can see in this detail, the butterfly has the roman numeral ten stamped next to it in silver, to represent, (as in the tarot cards) the end of a cycle. Tarot Trump 10 is called Fortune, or The Wheel of Fortune, and represents the culmination of cycles of change, and the need to maintain a fixed point within ourselves that is constant despite the ups and downs of life, the seasonal cycles that bring expansion and contraction, life and death, to all sentient and non-sentient beings in creation.

In the other detail shot here, you can see the title of the piece Summer House, the lettering created through rubber stamping technique. Rubber stamping of text is a common thread throughout all of my artwork, throughout my career since the mid 1970's, and can be found in my one-of-a-kind artist books, my artist book limited editions, drawings, mixed media work and iconic talismans.

This piece evokes these ancient memories and crystallizes this ancient source of wisdom and shakti for today's world.

You can see the shot on this page of a group of these mixed media wax shadow boxes and icons. They look good either one at a time or in a group like this.

Contact me if you're interested in purchasing a selection of these pieces. I'm happy to discuss it and make an arrangement suitable to your needs.

Read more about my work in my artist statement, Creating Spiritual Art for the New Millenium and resume.

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