Siberian Blue Ascension Star Pendant w-Kyanite

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This stunning Siberian Blue Ascension Star Pendant is crowned with a beautiful Kyanite Oval Gemstone and set into Sterling Silver so that the stone can breathe. It comes with a sterling silver chain which sits at the thymus, between the throat and heart chakras where it will be of the utmost benefit. It comes in a velveteen jewelry box for safekeeping.

Properties of Siberian Blue Quartz

Siberian Blue Ascension Star w/Kyanite

This lab quartz is grown in Russia and according to the jeweler who created it, it enhances psychic insight and development. This pendant will be a great tool for meditation and any subtle energy work. This piece can also be used for psychic protection as well as assisting us in speaking our Truth connected to our Divine Purpose.

Siberian Blue Quartz is grown using a hydrothermal technique in a high temperature autoclave from a natural seed crystal. The laboratory method for producing quartz crystals mimics Nature's way of growing quartz crystals, using high temperature and high pressure water solutions. In a bit of modern-day alchemy, scientists add mineral impurities to the alkaline solution (often Sodium Hydroxide) that feeds the crystal's growth in the autoclave to create crystals with beautiful colors and energy signatures resonating with the power of the mineral additives.

Siberian Blue Quartz is created by the addition of Cobalt to the liquid mixture that feeds the seed crystal's growth in the laboratory. The cobalt imparts an amazing deep blue coloration to the quartz crystal.

The cobalt blue coloration of Siberian Blue Quartz resonates with the energy signature of the throat and third eye chakras, which are colored blue and indigo in the Western chakra system, so Siberian Blue Quartz activates and energizes those two vitally important chakras.

Siberian Blue Quartz can help to facilitate communications activities of all kinds, and strengthen the connection between the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, infusing our communications with the wisdom and love found in the Higher Self when the third eye is fully activated.

Because of its unique property of activating the throat and third eye chakras and clearing the connection between the two, Siberian Blue Quartz is said to infuse the user's mind with the ideal of service to the world, and to help the user develop a strong commitment to furthering the spiritual development of all humanity.

This same property provides the user with increased access to the akashic records, the energetic templates containing the patterns of perfection that govern the birth, growth and development of the human body (the microcosm) and the universe (the macrocosm). The development of clairvoyance, associated with the opening of the Third Eye Chakra, is enhanced by this increased access to the Akashic Records.

Properties of Kyanite

Siberian Blue Ascension Star w/Kyanite

Blue-green kyanite has great chatoyancy which is the bright reflective opalescent light seen on various gemstones. It can even be seen both in the polished and the unpolished state. Kyanite is said to aid in balancing yin and yang energies, as an aid to meditation and as a way to unify all the chakras. As with all blue stones, it also assists the throat chakra and is a valuable aid in communication, both with others and with the higher mind, guides and angelic beings. Also as in other blue stones, kyanite is a tremendous assistant in bringing our minds to a place of peace and quietude.

It has certainly been a stone to quiet my mind, assist in meditation, help me to focus and ground energies, especially when feeling torn in several directions at once.

Kyanite has the distinct advantage of being one of those stones which, metaphysically, is said to remain clear and not require clearing (as are such other stones such as super 7 and citrine). It is believed that these stones do not accumulate or retain negative energy. However, we always clear and clean our crystals and Reiki attune them, because in our experience, it is always wise to keep all of your magical tools as clear as possible!

Kyanite has a vitreous pearly luster, which is what makes it so appealing and soothing. It can range from translucent to transparent and grows in fibers, which is why it is often seen in long columnar forms.

This crystal has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It has also been cleaned and charged with the natural energy of sunlight. It is ready for you to program according to your own needs and desires. 

Above weight is shipping weight. Actual weight is 7 grams or .25 ounce. Each piece is unique and may vary slightly in appearance. Each piece is guaranteed to be beautiful and to meet with your complete satisfaction!

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