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Jane Sherry, photo by Curtis LangThis T-Shirt is a high-resolution reproduction of Offering, an original work of ephemeral, magical art by Jane Sherry, co-owner of Satya Center.

Jane’s work is included in many private and public collections including the Getty Museum, The Museum of Modern Art Library, The New York Public Library, Yale University, Dartmouth University, The University of California San Diego and more.

Read more about the artwork Jane has created for more than 30 years. You can view -- and purchase -- Jane's original artwork in various media including digital prints, limited edition art books, sacred talismans, and more in the Jane Sherry Art Gallery here at Satya Center.

“The ancient traditions of priestess, shaman, scribe and storyteller serve as the foundation and inspiration for my work. For thousands of years, healers, keepers of the temple, clairvoyants and mystics have used mythical narratives woven of text and imagery to connect the sacred and the everyday worlds, and to collect and focus energies for healing, for visions, for fertility, and for community.”

"Using organic materials and colors derived from the vegetable, mineral and animal kingdoms, these custodians of the Divine created art and stories whose beauty triggered mystical states of being in the beholder. I propose to humbly follow in the footsteps of these highly evolved Ancestors, whom I honor for their work over Aeons of time to uplift struggling humanity and accelerate the progress of human spiritual evolution."

"Offering is a digital photo-collage based upon a photograph of my husband, Curtis, presenting a rose from our garden in his cupped hands," Jane explains. "Really very little explanation is needed to understand the imagery. The rose is a symbol of the loving, compassionate heart, and the rose as offering represents the compassionate heart's instinctive response to the suffering in this amazing Universe we inhabit -- the desire to be of service to suffering sentient beings, the will to take action on their behalf, and the power to make a difference in the world!"

Offering, a mixed media photo collage by Jane Sherry

Washing Instructions:

100% Cotton T-Shirt Men's Size Large. This shirt runs true to size.

Turn T-Shirt Inside Out Before Washing

Wash in Cold Water Only

Use Laundry Detergent Without Bleach

Dry in Dryer Under Normal Settings

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