Rainbow Ametrine Freeform Pendant by Lawrence Stoller

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This one of a kind 1.85 inch high Polished Striped Ametrine Pendant by Lawrence Stoller, weighing 32 grams or 1.1 ounce was created by Lawrence Stoller, critically-acclaimed artist and crystal cutter who is known world-wide as a fabricator of magnificent works of art created in partnership with Nature & Light.

This gorgeous, increasingly rare and valuable ametrine comes from the Anahi mine in Bolivia, which is now closed. We are fortunate to have a large stash of this AAA ametrine which we bought many years ago.

Rainbow Ametrine Freeform Pendant by Lawrence Stoller

This amazing Ametrine pendant displays clearly demarcated zones of purple, gold and violet that mark this beauty as a AAA quality specimen. The handmade piece is strung upon black silk cord.

This Bolivian Striped Ametrine is all natural, totally untreated material. This is truly a rare mineralogical find, a collector's item and a Lightworker's power tool. This beauty really luminesces in sunlight.

Lawrence Stoller"'Creative genius' is a term I have seldom used in my life," says William E. Boyajian, President of the Geological Institute of America. "But I use it now to describe Lawrence Stoller, for these are the words that typify both his passion and his ability to preserve and protect beautiful crystals of nature -- and thereby transform them into creations that inspire countless thousands of people around the world."

Lawrence fashioned this beautiful Bolivian Rainbow Striped Ametrine Pendant as a "Platonic" or "perfected" version of quartz forms found in nature. Thus this "biomorphic" pendant is somewhat irregular in faceting and in its overall shape, just as a natural crystal would be.

Lawrence purposely cut this beauty so that it would display some inclusions. "This way you know for sure it's not laboratory manufactured aquamarine," Lawrence jokingly remarked. Lawrence prefers to leave some inclusions in his crystal works to remind us of nature's role in the creative process. Hold this lovely pendant up to the light and see the rainbows these inclusions create.

To showcase the subtle beauty of this Platonic form of crystalline nature, Lawrence preferred to avoid any type of metal finding, bale or basket, simply drilling a small hole in the female end of the crystal for a chain or cord.

The pendant comes with a simple black cord and a beautiful golden clasp, created by Lawrence to complement the elegant design of this unique pendant, complete in a velvet jewelry box for safekeeping.

This Bolivian Striped Rainbow Ametrine resonates most powerfully with the vibrations of the Violet Ray and the Violet Flame of Purification utilized by the Count St. Germain to elevate the energy signature of the aspirant on the path of Spirit, making this stunning, beautiful pendant an ascension stone par excellence.

Rainbow Ametrine Freeform Pendant by Lawrence Stoller

Mineralogical and Metaphysical Properties of Bolivian Striped Ametrine

This unique, amazingly luminous Ametrine material was showcased in Gem and Gemology magazine at the time it was mined, in the mid-nineties because even then the color was considered to be so unique, the formation so intriguing that collectors and mineralogists were amazed. The vast majority of Bolivian ametrine contains swirls of gold and violet, but this find, from the Anahi mine on the Paraguay River, is unique because many specimens contain well-defined stripes of violet, purple and gold, not just swirls of color.

Lawrence Stoller was one of the first to explore the Anahi mine.

"What is it like to be in a dense jungle, hundreds of miles from civilization, in a tight-chiseled cavern 200 feet underground, sweaty, dripping wet, hunting for crystals?" Lawrence asks, recounting his memories of that exploration.

"In 1995, I was invited by a miner named Ramiro Rivera to meet him in the Bolivian jungle and there to unearth treasure in his ametrine mine," Lawrence recounts in his beautiful book, Frozen Light. "Ametrine is a recently discovered gem in which amethyst and citrine decided to lie down together, purple and gold united in the same crystal. . . .The mouth of the mine is a 100-foot vertical shaft. . .I head down a series of ten woven, vine-wrapped wooden ladders, submerged into the darkness. . .Air is being pumped into the hole, but there is appreciably less and less with every step deeper into the mine. Not enough room down here for claustrophobia. I didn't have it going in, but I've got it now."

"Crawling on my belly through the tightest passageway, my white shirt's become painting in shades of red clay mixed with sweat," Lawrence continues. "Suddenly the limestone walls open into a chamber and I stand before a stream gushing through the cave walls at my feet. Affixed to the roof are thousands of crystals hanging like bats. . .I am no longer 200 feet down in the belly of the underworld.I am in heaven."

This Anahi Bolivian Striped Ametrine is beautiful, very high energy old material and until now, has been held in a private collection until it was recently exclusively offered to Satya Center.

If you're ready to LIGHTEN UP, this stone's for you. In meditation, this ametrine gives the bearer a feeling of buoyancy. The flow of prana increases dramatically, and then energy moves up the body and activates and opens the eye and crown chakras. As the mind clears, the body relaxes. In these times of tension and struggle, worry and busy-ness, it's such a relief to de-stress in deep meditation with this Bolivian ametrine pendant.

Rainbow Ametrine Freeform Pendant by Lawrence Stoller

Ametrine is a combination of two powerful semi-precious stones, amethyst and citrine. Purple is the color of the third eye chakra in the Western chakra system, and violet and gold are the colors of the crown chakra, so ametrine acts to activate and energize these crucial upper chakras. Ametrine energizes and helps open crown, third eye and heart chakras, connecting the egoistic personality to the Source of Higher Mind, and thus to a conscious awareness of Higher Purpose. In addition, the combination of amethyst and citrine acts as a powerful protective and purifying influence, strengthening the aura, which is, after all the best protection from all negative influences in our environment.

This crystal has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It has also been cleaned and charged with the natural energy of sunlight. It is ready for you to program according to your own needs and desires. 

Note: weight above is shipping weight. Actual weight is 1.1 oz.

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