Pre Venus Initiatrix

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This archetypal image of the ruined torso of Venus de Milo stands here at the threshold of the cave, in a spiral pool at her no longer existing feet, the body framed by the cave entrance. This piece epitomizes the palette that is my favorite for the magic lantern series-- deep indigo and lapis blues layered over a ground of bright cadmium yellow, white and red --creating a luminous light that surfaces from the depths through the scratched out figure.

This piece utilizes many of my favorite symbols: the spiral, the Venus de Milo, the cave and the color indigo blue. Indigo blue is the color of the night sky, associated with Isis, the cave represents the place of death and rebirth, the incubator for our spiritual selves.

Pre Venus Initiatrix is made with oil sticks on acid free Arches fine art paper.

Pre Venus Initiatrix

This series of magic lantern drawings that I made over the years was inspired by a technique many of us learned in kindergarten, playing with crayons and black paint. First drawing with colors, then covering with black and scratching through the surface to reveal the illumination beneath the darkness. This is a good metaphor for making art, for me, scratching below the surface, uncovering the luminous within the outer layers.

Read more about my work in my artist statement, Creating Spiritual Art for the New Millenium and resume.

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