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This gorgeous museum quality 4.6 ounce Burmese Jade statue of Kuan Yin stands 2.75 tall and was carved with loving care by Mr. Pen, a world-renowned Thai jewelry designer. This gorgeous altarpiece is set into a Burmese Jade stone base for protection and proper display.

This remarkable statue is both a Lightworker's power tool and a true collector's item. This Kuan Yin statue emanates the energy of compassion for which the world-famous Chinese Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, Protectress of Children, Observer of All Sounds is justly renowned.

See shots of it from the back and front here.

Kuan Yin is perhaps the most popular Buddhist figure in East Asia and has become a particular favorite of American New Age practitioners and Reiki Masters, especially those on the path of Karuna Reiki.

Here Kuan Yin is depicted according to the traditional Buddhist iconography as a slender woman in flowing robes holding a sacred vase containing the nectar of Divine wisdom and loving compassion, the two-fold Source of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Jade has been a popular gemstone for healing and for spiritual advancement for over 7,000 years in both East and West. Jade is called "yu" in Chinese, and was known as "piedra de ijada", or "hip stone" in Spanish, because the Spaniards used jade to help heal kidney diseases. From this Spanish usage comes the English word "jade".

Jade is a metamorphic rock composed of sodium aluminum silicate, with a hardness similar to quartz crystal.

Jade tools and weapons have been discovered in a variety of prehistoric archeological sites. Jade is thought to have been a popular stone in ancient times because of its relative hardness.

Jade is believed to assist one in accessing the spirit world, bringing health and long life and prosperity, also as an aid in dreaming. The Chinese spiritual tradition of Jade carving extends back for over 2,000 years, during which time the art of carving deities from Jade has reached a peak of mastery. In China over the centuries, jade and jadeite were invoked, used and ingested to promote longevity, abundance and good luck.

Jade is said to have been one of the gemstones found on the Breastplate of the High Priest of Israel in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Jade was revered in pre-Columbian South America where the Mayans called jade "The Sovereign of Harmony". In Mayan culture jade was more valuable than gold, primarily because of its metaphysical properties.

Green Jade resonates with the energy of the heart chakra, which is colored green in the Western chakra system. Jade helps to soothe the wounded heart, helping to release ancient emotional wounds, and aids spiritual aspirants in opening the heart and developing compassion.

Green Jade is traditionally a stone for lovers, and for those who wish to learn to embrace all humanity in an unconditional love, as part of a spiritual practice. Jade is said to promote fidelity, sobriety, compassion and to quicken the soul, accelerating one along one's spiritual path.

Legends of the Life of Kuan Yin

There are many stories about the life of Kuan Yin, however the basic theme that is reiterated again and again is as follows. Kuan Yin was a devout Buddhist, often said to be a Princess, who despite her royal upbringing had a much greater attachment to the Spiritual world than the royal court where she and her family lived.

After a life of devotion, self-sacrifice and compassion in which she is said to have been instrumental in the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of her Father, and others, at the moment of her death, Kuan Yin arrived at the Gates of the Buddha Realms, and was offered the opportunity to join the all-male gathering of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in their abode, far beyond this Universe, and beyond even the Realms of the Gods, the place which is no place, Nirvana.

At that moment, Kuan Yin heard a cry for help from a stricken soul in the Earthly realm far, far below. She responded immediately as follows: “Never will I seek nor receive private, individual salvation; never will I enter into final peace alone; but forever and everywhere will I live and strive for the redemption of every creature throughout the world from the bonds of conditioned existence.” This is known as the Kuan Yin vow.

The Buddhist monk and translator Kumarajiva referred to the female form of Kuan Yin in his Chinese translation of the Lotus Sutra in 406 A.D. According to Buddhist scholar Dr. Gene Reeves, In the Lotus Sutra the Bodhisattva Inexhaustible Mind asks, ‘For what reason does the Bodhisattva Kuan-shih-yin have the name Kuan-shih-yin?’ Then Shakyamuni Buddha explains that if anyone who is suffering calls Avalokiteshvara's name with all their heart, they will immediately be heard and will be able to free themselves from suffering.”

The Pu-Men Chapter of the Lotus Sutra

World-Honored One!
May I ask once more
The reason that this holy Bodhisattva

Is named as Kuan Yin?
The World-Honored One replied
By uttering this song:

She responds well to all places in all directions!.
The echoes of her holy deeds
Resound throughout the world.
Her broad vows as deep as the ocean.

When, after countless aeons
Of serving countless Buddhas,
She pledged great and pure vows
To liberate afflicted beings.
Now listen carefully to the results.

To hear her name or see her image
Or sincerely and mindfully recite her name,
She delivers beings from every woe.

If someone is malicious
Pushing you into a pit of fire,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
Would turn the pit of fire into a pool!

Were you adrift upon the sea
With dragon-fish and demons around you,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
Would spare you from the hungry waves.

Suppose from MountSumeru's peak
Some enemy should cast you down,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
And sun-like you would float in space.

Were you pursued by evil men
And crushed against the IronMountain,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
And not a hair would come to harm.

Were you chased by a band of thieves,
Their cruel knives now raised to slay,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
And their minds would immediately develop compassion.

Suppose the King was extremely angry at you,
The headsman's sword upraised to strike,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
Would dash the sword to pieces.

Were you in jail by prison walls,
Your wrists and ankles bound with chains,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
Would instantly obtain release.

Were you cursed or poisoned,
And lay now in the danger,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
Would send the spells back & nullify its poison.

Were you surrounded by demons
Or harmful dragons and ghosts,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
And none would dare to do any harm.

Did savage beasts press all around
With fearful fangs, ferocious claws,
One thought of Kuan Yin's saving power
Would make them run off quickly.

Meditation on the Kuan Yin Vow

“If you are unable to exchange your happiness for the suffering of other beings, you have no hope of attaining Buddhahood or even of happiness in this lifetime.

If one whom I have helped my best and from whom I expect much harms me in an inconceivable way, may I regard that person as my best teacher.

I consider all living beings more precious than 'wish-fulfilling gems', a motivation to achieve the greatest goal: So may I at all times care for them.”-- Raghavan Iyer

This Kuan Yin gemstone pendant has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It has also cleaned and charged with the natural energy of sunlight. It is ready for you to program according to your own needs and desires.

Weight above is shipping weight. Net weight is 52 grams.

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