DT Pakistani Herkimer Diamond with Keystone, Chlorite and Rainbow

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This DT Pakistani Herkimer Diamond with Keystone, Chlorite and Rainbow measures 1.6 inches long, weighs 24 grams or .85 oz., and is a gorgeous example of the Herkimer Diamond formation. This specimen exhibits a few dark spherical inclusions of what appears to be chlorite, a ferrous mineral with healthy amounts of Magnesium and Aluminum.

DT Pakistani Herkimer Diamond with Keystone, Chlorite and Rainbow 

Metaphysically, chlorite is a purifier, dissipating the energy of anger, negativity or disappointment associated with unresolved karmic issues and imbalanced past relationships. The chlorite in this crystal can be used to help release energy blockages related to our past pain and suffering.

This crystal also features a keystone crystal formation. 

Key crystals are small, usually hexagonal or three-sided crystal rods that grow from outside the primary crystal inward, and penetrate the shaft or the termination tip of another crystal.

This key crystal can enhance your connection to Guides and Teachers, and other Beings of Light in Higher Realms. The key crystal also enlivens the flow of Shakti or Universal Life Force energy, which enhances the effectiveness of meditation and crystal healing sessions. 

DT Pakistani Herkimer Diamond with Keystone, Chlorite and Rainbow 

Herkimer diamonds are double-terminated quartz crystals with a hexagonal growth pattern that grow in cavities in rock formations which often contain dark colored hydrocarbons and hematite. Herkimer Diamonds will grow abundantly in these cavities, creating a druzy carpet of beautiful crystals on the inside of the cavity, creating lovely geodes in some cases.

In rare cases, like this one, dark colored hydrocarbons and/or hematite or chlorite are trapped inside the developing Herkimer diamond crystal.

DT Pakistani Herkimer Diamond with Keystone, Chlorite and Rainbow

The Herkimer diamond is known to lightworkers as an attunement stone. Two Herkimers can be used to attune the bearer to another person, environment or activity.

Place one Herkimer in one location and keep the other with you to maintain the attunement.

Two Herkimers can be held simultaneously by two people in a brief meditation, and when they each leave with one, the two will remain in attunement.

 DT Pakistani Herkimer Diamond with Keystone, Chlorite and Rainbow

This crystal transmits a very grounding, yet physically uplifting energy. Herkimers generally are known to help in clearing mind and body of unconscious fears and other negative energies. They promote relaxation and energetic renewal.

This crystal has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation.

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Note: Above weight is shipping weight, net weight is 34 grams.

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