Daisy Gold

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Daisy Gold is a lovely mixed-media box studded (literally) with daisies, a small plastic round box of dried rose petals, gold leaf in a box of white beeswax and cardboard construction. (Detail right.)

This box, inspired by summer, is another ephemeral work which changes subtly over time. The work represents the spiritual truths of impermanence and constant transformation. The dried daisies represent the psychic vitality that inner spiritual work incorporates into our psyche permanently -- the work of meditation and prayer transforms the human being in ways that transcend death itself. The roses represent the moment the heart opens to Spirit and to love, and the gold represents the transformed psyche itself.

This piece evokes these ancient memories and crystallizes this ancient source of wisdom and shakti for today's world.

You can see the shot on this page of a group of these mixed media wax shadow boxes and icons. They look good either one at a time or in a group like this.

Contact me if you're interested in purchasing a selection of these pieces. I'm happy to discuss it and make an arrangement suitable to your needs.

Read more about my work in my artist statement, Creating Spiritual Art for the New Millenium and resume.

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