Phantom Quartz, Aquamarine Capped, Paraiba Tourmaline Filled Energy Healing Wand by Brian Cook

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This gorgeous, energetically powerful 2.75 inch long Phantom Quartz, Aquamarine Capped,  Paraiba Tourmaline Filled Energy Healing Wand was designed by our friend, AGTA Fashion Forward award winning gemologist and jewelry designer Brian Cook, is filled with rare, untreated, natural, uncut Paraiba Tourmaline gemstones. The multiple phantoms are well defined and remarkable in a crystal of this size.

The color of Paraiba Tourmaline derives from small amounts of copper found in the gemstones.This remarkable gemstone wand has been in the collection of Curtis and Jane for a decade, but now it's time to find a new home for this treasure.

Those familiar with Paraiba Tourmaline will recognize that this unique wand contains the full spectrum of coloration exhibited by this world renowned, ultra rare gemstone. You'll see stones ranging in color from pale blue-green to deep royal blue inside this magnificent gemstone artwork. 

Brian Cook was in Bahia in 1987 when the original Paraiba tourmaline was discovered, and developed a reputation as an expert on this rare gemstone variety over the decades. Cook operates a rutilated quartz mine in the village of Remedios in the old district of Ibitiara, known as Novo Horizonte, in Bahia, Brazil.

Brian designed this long, slim, powerful, beautiful healing wand to deliver a broad, soft, healing energy. This energy healing wand has a feminine vibration, suitable for work designed to gently release stuck energies from emotional wounds and to accelerate the process of physical healing. 

In addition, this wand is the perfect size to hold in the hand during meditation. When used in meditation, this powerful Paraiba Tourmaline gemstone wand increases the flow of prana, expands the auric field, and strengthens the will forces so essential to successful meditation practices.  

Unlike traditional Vogel healing wands, which are double terminated with sharp points, and deliver a strong, extremely focused flow of energy, Brian's energy healing wand has a rounded female tip and a rounded male tip, so the energy entering the wand from the female end, positioned in the healer's hand, spirals down the shaft, is amplified as it travels, and emerges from the male tip in a broad cone.

 The color of Paraiba Tourmaline derives from small amounts of copper found in the gemstones.

Energetically, Paraiba Tourmaline acts on the Higher Mind, stimulating the crown, throat, and heart chakras, while working to release stuck energy or "old" unwanted energy from the emotional body, and to cleanse and purify the aura, with a powerful effect similar to that of the Violet Flame.

The combination of aquamarine and pink tourmaline heart and throat chakras, enabling the Bearer to act as a Channel for spiritual guidance, and to fearlessly speak the truth of one's own Soul experience in a way that communicates loving wisdom to others.

The combination of Paraiba Tourmaline and Aquamarine lights up the chakra system, increasing the flow of prana or chi throughout the human body and bio-field. The energy of Paraiba Tourmaline expands the auric field and offers an intense sensation of energetic protection.

Phantom Quartz is used by crystal healers to aid in accessing and releasing stuck energies held in unconscious agreements we have made over the course of lifetimes.

This amazing Phantom Quartz, Aquamarine Capped,  Paraiba Tourmaline Filled Energy Healing Wand by Brian Cook is the definitely one of the most powerful crystal healing and meditation tools of its size that Jane and I have ever seen.

This lovingly hand-crafted gemstone wand was formed from a water-clear Brazilian quartz crystal which was drilled and filled with gorgeous green and tourquoise Paraiba tourmaline gemstone chips suspended in jojoba oil, then capped with a piece of gemstone quality Aquamarine.

Metaphysical and Mineralogical Properties of Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba tourmalines exhibit a totally unique coloration and energy signature, unlike any other tourmalines in the world. Paraiba tourmalines come from the Mina da Batalha in the Federal Brazilian State of Paraiba. Paraiba tourmalines are small, rare and precious.

A geologist who is an expert in gemology told me recently that if you could find a 5 carat cut and polished Paraiba on the market it would probably retail for $10,000-$20,000 per carat, many times the cost of a fine diamond! A tiny Paraiba accent stone with good clarity and color would cost $1500 per carat. In this beautiful wand you get several carats' worth of beautiful, rough, uncut, untreated, completely natural Paraibas gemstones for a small fraction of that amount.

"In 1981, Heitor Dimas Barbosa found sand-grain-sized traces of brilliantly colored tourmaline in the tailings of a pegmatite that had been worked for tantalite, located on a hill above the village of Sao Jose de Batalha in the middle of the state of Paraiba," Si and Ann Frazier explain in a January 1999 article in Lapidary Journal. "In searching for gemmy tourmaline. After much work and expense, in 1987 he found the first pieces of gem material. In 1989, he found a few kilos of beautiful gem materials that left the gem market thunderstruck."

The mine from which these beauties were extracted was soon depleted, and the amount of Paraiba tourmaline on the world markets is severely limited as a result, so the price of these unique gemstones makes them virtually inaccessible to all but the wealthiest collectors.

Brazil is one of nature's tourmaline treasure troves, and gemologists have long praised the many colorful varieties of tourmaline originating in that country's rich deposits.

The color of Paraiba Tourmaline derives from small amounts of copper found in the gemstones.

The color of Paraiba Tourmaline derives from small amounts of copper found in the gemstones. Paraiba Tourmalines were the first tourmaline gemstones discovered with trace amounts of copper, which lend these rare stones their unique coloration.

However until the appearance of the Paraiba tourmalines, there were no turquoise tourmalines found anywhere in the world with the radiance exhibited by the Paraiba tourmalines.

In other types of tourmalines, iron, manganese, chrome and vanadium in trace amounts give rise to a variety of colors from emerald gray to green to blue, indigo, violet and purple.

Scientists have discovered that the Paraiba toumalines contain significant amounts of copper, along with manganese.

The copper gives Paraiba tourmalines a unique range of radiant blue, turquoise and startling green hues, while the presence of relatively large amounts of manganese imparts violet and reddish tones to these extremely rare and brilliant gemstones.

Paraiba tourmalines are true ascension stones, activating the eighth chakra, which is the home of Higher Mind, and which resides in the aura, some distance above the crown of the head.

Paraiba is also a stone of enhanced communication, opening and energizing the throat chakra.

The color of Paraiba Tourmaline derives from small amounts of copper found in the gemstones.

Finally, Paraiba tourmaline is a stone that activates the heart chakra and promotes emotional healing along with the sense of safety and protection that facilitates the opening of the heart and the extension of unconditional love to all beings every which way in time and space.

When I first received this unique gemstone wand, I immediately tried it in meditation. The first thing I noticed was an incredible sense of stillness and quiet. My mind emptied of thoughts, and I had a profound sense of peace and relaxation.

Next, I noticed a very high frequency energetic excitation above the crown of my head, accompanied by a sense of warmth, which descended into the crown chakra, and then penetrated downwards into the third eye region, then the throat, and finally into the heart chakra. From there the energy radiated in all directions throughout my body.

The inner "witness", or Higher Mind, was intensely active during this process, and although the normal stream of thoughts remained suspended, I was able to very easily maintain an awareness of the energy radiating outward and filling my entire aura with very intense high-frequency fast-vibratilng energy.

As the energy filled my body and aura, I sensed a releasing of the body tensions that arise from negative emotions or reactions to everyday stresses and conflicts. These pockets of tension were located in my lower back, stomach, shoulders and hands.

Properties of Phantom Crystals

This phantom was created when a faceted tip formed at one point in the crystal's growth, but the crystal's growth was interrupted for some reason, and then the quartz crystal resumed its crystallization, eventually enclosing the phantom crystal within itself, creating a residual outline of the previous point completely enclosed within the enlarged crystal formation. 

The phantom typically displays one or more translucent thin, cloud-like layers of mineral deposits resembling small points.

Each layer of cloudy inclusion contains a revealing snapshot of the crystal's termination faces in the remote past. Each phantom marking represents a different stage in the crystal's growth -- and each stage can last for hundreds of thousands of years!

Each phantom crystal reveals its own evolutionary pattern -- it is as though we can see the record of the transmigrations of the crystal's soul.

It should come as no surprise that phantom crystals help us to unearth our own histories, and to come to terms with unresolved issues from our past.

Phantom Quartz, Aquamarine Capped,  Paraiba Tourmaline Filled Energy Healing Wand by Brian Cook

Phantoms help us to see our own messy histories and our painful karmic issues as part of a beautiful spiritual evolution. In this way, they help to restore a sense of inner balance, unity and an aura of magic where there had been pain and struggle.

How do phantom crystals form within the Earth?

One possibility is that a pocket of mineral rich liquid inside the earth surrounding the crystal dried out, stopping the crystal's growth. When a crystal's growth is interrupted for some reason, a thin dusting of such minerals as pyrite, hematite, chlorite or galena can gather on the termination faces.

Later, if the pocket is resaturated, another stage of crystal growth can occur.

If the crystal's growth then resumes, over long cycles of geologic time, the dusting of alien minerals covering the crystal's original termination faces is incorporated into a much larger quartz crystal.

This long growth process creates a crystal exhibiting the classic phantom crystal point which can be seen within the larger crystal.

Sometimes one can see two or three phantom points within a given crystal wand, and in such cases, the growth process was undoubtedly stopped and started several times over unthinkably long periods of geological time.

The final result is the formation of a phantom crystal much larger than the original crystal structure at the point of growth interruption.

Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family -- a cousin of emerald, heliodor and morganite. Aquamarine is usually the color of tropical seawater. The coloring agent in the gem is iron.

Lightworkers and crystal healers say that aquamarine is an excellent stone for communication and is called the "stone of courage". Aquamarine is a very helpful stone used for protection and spiritual connection. Aquamarine provides an energetic shield for our lightbodies.

This highly prized gemstone assists us to assimilate new knowledge while remaining true to our own highest nature. Aquamarine helps judgemental people to become more tolerant by reinforcing the connection with the Higher Self while clarifying mental activity of all kinds. It is a stone which encourages flow, balance, protection & clarity, attuning us to spiritual worlds while enhancing the connections between our intellectual, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Because of its blue-green color, aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra, which is said to be blue or turquoise in the Western chakra system.

Aquamarine stimulates, energizes, and cleanses the throat chakra, facilitating communications activities of all kinds, and strengthening the connection between the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, infusing our communications with the wisdom and love found in the Higher Self when the third eye is fully activated.

Phantom Quartz, Aquamarine Capped,  Paraiba Tourmaline Filled Energy Healing Wand by Brian Cook

Aquamarine is the gemstone of communication par excellence, and an excellent gemstone for anyone connected with the mass media or networked computing, or working on the Internet.

Aquamarine enhances the bearer's ability to speak their own truth in such a way that it is easy for others to accept and understand.

Aquamarine is said to infuse the user's mind with the ideal of service to the world, and to help the user develop a strong commitment to furthering the spiritual development of all humanity. This same property provides the user with increased access to the akashic records, the energetic templates containing the patterns of perfection that govern the birth, growth and development of the human body (the microcosm) and the universe (the macrocosm).

Lightworkers will want to place this stone in the client's hand or on their client's throat chakra during energy treatments to facilitate mental acuity and energize the individual with the courage to speak their own truth.

Meditators will find that this stone will enable them to go deeply into a meditative state while simultaneously sharpening their mental acuity and strengthening their intellectual abilities.

We often use crystals, pendants and wands for psychic protection, purification and to clarify things of a spiritual nature. See our article on Psychic Self Defense for more information along these lines with many suggestions on how to protect yourself from unwanted energies.

This crystal has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation.

Check out our FREE e-book Spirits of Stone: A Lightworker's Guide to Crystals and Gemstones for Healing and Meditation for an overview of the metaphysical and mineralogical properties of quartz, and a step-by-step guide explaining how to cleanse, charge, and program quartz crystals for healing, meditation and other spiritual purposes.

Note: Above weight is shipping weight. Net weight is 63 grams, or 2.22 ounces.

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