In this section of Back to the Garden, we focus on the new era of the Divine Lovers. Learn about how couples can work together to connect one another to their own Divine natures, and return to the Garden of Eden.

Love is not a thing; love is the energetic circumscription of sacred space. Lovers circumscribe sacred space through conscious shared intent, and this space then can be filled with energies of love and light from the Divine Source, activating these energetic forms, which eventually crystallize into the physical material world. In this way lovers co-create new ways of living, new types of relationships, new myths and archetypes for a New Aeon.

Chapter 1

Chapter 8: The New Age of the Divine Lovers

Our task in the New Age is to return to the Garden of Eden within us and to restore the Garden of Eden planet around us. To do that men and women must end the war between the sexes and become loving partners.