In this section of the E-Book Back to the Garden: Cultivating Love in Our Lives, you will find useful techniques for creating partnerships based upon unconditional love and true equality, a compatibility chart that couples can consult to see if their seven bodies, their chakras, are in alignment, and an analysis of the mid-life marriage crisis, from the spiritual point of view.

Coming soon: new chapters on how to release the karmic bonds of narcissistic relationships, how to find your soulmate, how to recognize your soulmate, how to forge a spiritual partnership with a karmic soulmate, and articles with information on useful exercises you can do alone and in partnership to cultivate unconditional love and enhance your spiritual practice.

Chapter 1

Chapter 7: Conscious Partnership

The lovers in a conscious sexual love union share a common intent to support one another, to help one another improve, and to share one another's worlds.