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 Curtis at Reynolda Gardens Trail, Winston Salem, North Carolina, photo by Jane Sherry

Curtis Lang
Home Office:
380 Knollwood Street, #308
Winston Salem, North Carolina 27103



* Launched, a portal for alternative health and healing, relationships and global spiritual activism

* Publishing online e-book Spirits of Stone, which reveals how indigenous shamanic healers, Vedic sages Egyptian pharaohs, Buddhist teachers, Jewish mystics and High Priests, Christian Qabbalists and alchemists, and New Age practitioners all have utilized crystals, sacred minerals and gemstones in Ascension practices, meditation, and healing.

* Publishing Back to the Garden: Cultivating Love in our Lives, an online e-book about the spiritual laws of love

* Editing and Publishing The Crystal Wisdom of Marcel Vogel, written by America's foremost authority on how to use highly polished and faceted crystals for meditation and healing

* Reiki Master, Interfaith Minister, Certified Past Life Regression Therapist with a decade of experience

* Using Reiki to treat AIDS/HIV patients at the Maitri Program of the Greyston Foundation in Yonkers, New York

* Experienced publishing professional. Decades of experience online and in print. Served as Associate Publisher, Founding Editor, Senior Editor, Contributing Editor, Contributing Writer at major metropolitan, state-wide and national magazines, newspapers and websites.

* Many years experience on the World Wide Web, as Editor, journalist, and consultant

* Founding Editor of, Ameritrade's financial super-portal, now part of website
* Managed staff of five, two dozen freelancers and numerous IT/design consultants, seven figure budget
* Populated website with hundreds of stories about personal finance
* Personally edited the work of a dozen of America's top-selling personal finance authors
* Part of Executive Team
* Helped develop the $50 million OnMoney marketing campaign with other members of The Executive Team
* Helped select and oversee outside consultants and vendors for OnMoney GUI development
* Created and managed partnerships with many media partners at OnMoney

* Researched and analyzed companies in converging digital media space for nine years for WORTH magazine and others
* Contributing Editor & national security reporter at The Village Voice
* Experienced investigative reporter for many years. One of first journalists to break the whole truth about the S&L mess.
* Had over 100 open bank fraud investigations going at once during S&L mess
* Part-owner and Founding Editor of Houston City Magazine in the 1970s -- wrote business plan, brought investors in, created d/m package

* Research Fellow at the Financial Markets Center where I specialized in global electronic commerce and central banking

* Consultant to Lee Stein, CEO of First Virtual Holdings in early 90s working on strategic partnerships with publishers

Work Experience

5/2001 — Present

Partner in web portal Satya Center

Interfaith Minister – Church of the Sanctuary of the Beloved

Partner in major web portal Satya Center containing profitable online store.

Partner in therapy practice with wife Jane Sherry. We both have obtained certifications as Master Level Reiki Therapists and Instructors in three different lineages including Usui Reiki Ryoho and Karuna Reiki.

Jane and I are members of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners.

Established therapy practice in Westchester, New York and in Claverack, New York, offering Reiki, past life regression, Tarot and relationship counseling. Also teaching Reiki.

Jane and I worked for a year and a half at the Greyston Maitri program, treating AIDS/HIV patients with Reiki in Yonkers, New York.

In the spring of 2010, Jane and I moved to Antioch, California in the East Bay area, about 34 miles from Oakland.

Established Florida office in 2015.

Established North Carolina office in 2020.

You can find out more about me here in my online bio at Satya Center.

We get tens of thousands of unique visitors a month and have more than two thousand people on our mailing list.

We publish many well known authors on our website, including Middle East peace activists Palden Jenkins and Starhawk; internationally acclaimed head of London's Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) Dr. Mae-Wan Ho; biologist and author Rupert Sheldrake; Agricultural Editor of The Hindu newspaper, Palagummi Sainath; Mother Jones Washington correspondent Jim Ridgeway; longtime Mountain Astrologer contributor Bill Herbst; Pacifica Radio Editor and on-air commentator Dennis Bernstein; Esoteric Astrologer Malvin Artley, nutrition author Rebecca Woods, acclaimed poets James Bertolino and Richard Tillinghast, herbalist and author Susun Weed, Laurelle Shanti Gaia & Michael Arthur Baird of Infinite Light Healing Center, and many more.


3/99 – 5/01
Senior Editor, -- Ameritrade
Purchase, NY, a division of Ameritrade, was the first financial website to offer account aggregation software, allowing users to consolidate all their financial accounts in one place, launched at the SuperBowl and had over 800,000 registered users. 1.6 million uniques in March 2001, up to 3 million uniques per month by summer 2001. Registered users visited about 2.8 times a month and stayed on average 28 minutes per visit. Editorial Budget 2000 excluding salaries over $2 million. Staff of five plus many freelancer writers and editors, and consultants. Created editorial department for this new website owned by Ameritrade, and populated it with hundreds of stories about personal finance in all categories. Reported to CEO Vince Passione directly for some time and later to Marketing Director Jim Blumenfeld. While at, contracted with many of the best-selling and most admired personal finance authors in the country to write exclusive content for Authors include Ric Edelman, Martin Mayer, Gene Walden, Bob Koppel, Jon Hoenig, Jeffrey Rothfeder, Deborah McNaughton, Edmund Pankau, Gerri Detweiler, Nancy Rosanoff, Jordan Goodman, Marc Eisenson and Nancy Castleman. Worked with business development and product management on key content-related contracts and partnerships. Had a part in selection of news feeds, content partners, and data feeds.Oversaw production of human filtered news from over 12,000 well known published sources in various content areas. Participated in focus groups, useability studies and in meetings where key branding messages were planned. Worked with outside design firm (DDB Ad Agency and DDB Digital) and inside designers to create beta and launch GUIs. Also working on book project with Martin Mayer, the dean of American financial journalism, and on developing webcasts and other cross-media projects. Working on radio syndication deal, webcasting, chats and forums and virtual town hall meeting events. Also have written stories for was folded into the Ameritrade members-only website in 2002.

1/97 – 5/01
Research Fellow, The Financial Markets Center
Philomont, VA

Research Fellow for the Financial Markets Center, Washington, D.C. Others affiliated with FMC include Jeff Faux, William Greider, Jane D'Arista, Mark Dowie. Specialty: global electronic commerce.Wrote white papers on 'The EU Tackles EMoney', 'The Federal Reserve and Ecommerce'Currently working on a white paper detailing the history of digital money around the world with special emphasis on the role of central bankers, non-bank financial intermediaries and both successful and unsuccessful business models in America, Europe and Asia.

1/97 – 3/99
Managing Partner, WebCity Development LLC.
New York, NY

Notes and Domino start-up with plan to create rentable Notes apps. Experience with Notes consulting practices for large institution extranets, medium and smaller size intranets. Experience writing policies and procedures, market research reports, deal memos, best practices tech notes for Lotus Notes.

3/95 – 6/96
Contributing Editor, TalkBack! Ezine
New York, NY

An arts and culture webzine sponsored by The City University of New York. Highlights: story about new publishing paradigms on the Net. Story on virtual personae, pseudonymity and the Net.

3/93 – 7/96
Contributing Writer, WORTH Magazine
New York, NY

Highlights: Feature story about investing in new forms of money and electronic commerce, cover story about investing in new media. Cover story on making money from investments in converging media. Fed-watcher, feature writer. Investigated investor fraud in Houston. Wrote about bottom-fishing the international art market, the war on money laundering, how-to become an electronic investor.
Also wrote for other magazines at this time:
New Media magazine -- stories about Clipper chip, privacy in cyberspace, virtual networks. Advertising Age -- stories about electronic commerce, series of profiles of businesses succeeding on the Net. REQUEST magazine -- stories about rock video and desktop music video production. NetGuide magazine -- cover story on spooks in Cyberspace. Time Out -- story about virtual reality art. Cite -- story about the death of public housing in Houston and the U.S. for this Rice University Design Alliance publication. Story evaluating newly appointed members of Clinton Cabinet for The Amicus Journal, a publication of the National Resources Defense Council.

3/94 – 6/95
Consultant to the CEO, First Virtual Holdings
San Diego, CA

Consulting for First Virtual Holdings concerning how to publish and market on the Internet. Worked with CEO Lee Stein to provide publishers with technology roadmaps and suggestions on how to maximize their presence on the Web. Worked with software companies to develop new products in affiliation with First Virtual.

1/90 – 12/92
Contributing Editor/National Affairs Reporter, The Village Voice
New York, NY

National affairs reporter at The Village Voice. Wrote cover stories on the global economy, the demise of Harlem's Freedom National Bank, the October Surprise, and Bush family scandals. Also covered the Iraq war, S&L fraud in Texas, banking and monetary policy, and the 1992 Republican presidential campaign, including the events at the National Convention in Houston. Received citation of merit from the Society of Professional Journalists, New York chapter, for stories on Freedom National Bank. Also appeared in The Nation, Mother Jones, The L.A. Reader, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, The Texas Observer, The Houston Press, and elsewhere. Frequent commentator on WBAI Radio in New York and on KPFA radio in Berkely

1/79 – 12/89
Freelance Writer, Venture, ULTRA, Houston City Magazine
Houston, TX

Wrote for Venture, Investor's Daily, Banking Outlook, Southern Exposure, ULTRA, Texas Business, The Texas Observer, Texas Real Estate, Houston City, Houston Style, and Houston's Public News. Financial analyst specializing in the S&L industry for the Southern Finance Project, co-ordinating organization for the Financial Democracy Campaign. Received grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalists for story on the S&L mess. Published story in 1987 in The Texas Observer predicting $500 billion in losses and scandals from widespread fraud at S&Ls nationwide, to be followed by a taxpayer bailout. The consensus in the press at that time was that there were only a few billion in losses with no taxpayer bailout needed. Co-wrote scripts for videos about Mexican art and politics produced by Manuel Pellicer with the co-operation of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, shown in Mexico and America.

3/76 – 12/78
Associate Publisher, Managing Editor, Houston City Magazine
Houston, TX

Houston City Magazine (03/1976 - 07/1978)Houston, TexasAssociate Publisher, Managing EditorCo-writer of the business plan for new Houston City magazine. Associate publisher, then managing editor. Part owner. Introduced publisher to major investors at Universal Press Syndicate. Wrote the winning direct mail letter used to launch publication after extensive market testing. Received 3.8% return. Named departments, established editorial style. Wrote investigative features, restaurant reviews. Left upon sale to Texas Parade. Name of publication changed from In Houston to Houston City. Magazine prospered until oil bust. Texas Parade sold to Francois de Menil, who sold to the Hunt family, which folded the magazine after the 1986 oil crash.

9/74 – 6/76

Masters Degree at University of New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

1976 - MA, English, The University of New Orleans. Taught Remedial English, Freshman English and Sophomore English. Graduated with highest GPA of English students in my class.

9/69 – 6/74

Bachelors Degree at Rice University

Houston, TX

Degree in English. Received scholarship.


Former Member Society of Professional Journalists.
Former Member Investigative Reporters and Editors.
Member International Association of Reiki Practitioners