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Showing 25 - 48 of 343 products
Smoky Citrine Lemurian Wand with AnataseSmoky Citrine Lemurian Wand with Anatase
Glittering Ruby in Zoisite with StriationsGlittering Ruby in Zoisite with Striations
Emerald Rod on Matrix with HematiteEmerald Rod on Matrix with Hematite
Clear Isis Lemurian Small Laser WandClear Isis Lemurian Small Laser Wand
Smoky Citrine Lemurian ChannelerSmoky Citrine Lemurian Channeler
Six Armed St. Andrew Staurolite CrossSix Armed St. Andrew Staurolite Cross
Polished Eudialyte Meditation StonePolished Eudialyte Meditation Stone
Emerald Cluster in MatrixEmerald Cluster in Matrix
Emerald Cluster in Matrix
Sale price$44.00
Golden Lemurian Growth Interference WandGolden Lemurian Growth Interference Wand
Gorgeous Glittering Ruby in Zoisite SpecimenGorgeous Glittering Ruby in Zoisite Specimen
Seven Armed Glittering Staurolite CrossSeven Armed Glittering Staurolite Cross
Giant St. George Staurolite Cross AltarGiant St. George Staurolite Cross Altar
Pale Golden Lemurian Growth Interference Isis Window WandPale Golden Lemurian Growth Interference Isis Window Wand
Reclining Golden Lemurian Point with RainbowReclining Golden Lemurian Point with Rainbow
Fat Golden Healer Lemurian Channeling WandFat Golden Healer Lemurian Channeling Wand
Ruby Zoisite Two Sided SpecimenRuby Zoisite Two Sided Specimen
Eudialyte Polished CabochonEudialyte Polished Cabochon
Eudialyte Polished Cabochon
Sale price$99.00
Large Five Armed Staurolite CrossLarge Five Armed Staurolite Cross
Isis Face King Lemurian Reclining PointIsis Face King Lemurian Reclining Point
Small Translucent AAA Besednice Moldavite LeafSmall Translucent AAA Besednice Moldavite Leaf
Self Healed Twin Golden Lemurian Window WandSelf Healed Twin Golden Lemurian Window Wand
Beautiful Sparkling St. George Staurolite CrossBeautiful Sparkling St. George Staurolite Cross
Golden Lemurian Phantom Point with Small WindowGolden Lemurian Phantom Point with Small Window
Huge St. George Staurolite CrossHuge St. George Staurolite Cross

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