Jane's Lammas 2022 Garden Report- We Honor Our Mother and Her Harvest

cross-quarter-daysJane Sherry
Mother, today we celebrate the unity of the human family. Mother, we ask your forgiveness, for our destructive ways. Mother,we seek today to learn to forgive one another. Help us, Mother, to learn to love you as the old ones loved you, so that we may heal ourselves and our environment.

Jane's Candlemas and Valentine's Day Garden Report

candlemasCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
Within frozen depths does warmth stir, and mud rises. Seeds of air & fire, water & starlight move into the cold and wet places that awaken from slumber.

October 2006 Halloween Autumn Festival Newsletter

biodynamic farming and gardeningJane Sherry & Curtis Lang
This is the season of Scorpionic holidays, celebrating the time of yearly transformation when the veil between the worlds thins and all things normally repressed or hidden from sight erupt into the everyday world. Scorpio traditionally rules the process of transformation, and the evolutionary processes of death and rebirth.