Herbs that Ease Anxiety and Fear

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Herbalist Susun Weed shares her favorite herbs and simple home remedies for dealing with fear, anxiety, nervousness, grief, depression, rage, fatigue, and sleeplessness.

Surviving Radiation the Wise Woman Way

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We are adapted to survive mild exposures to radiation. Whether you are worried about the radiation from dental x-rays, a mammogram, or fallout, here are some Wise Woman Ways to help you stay healthy.

Herbs for Hags

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"I'm so glad I'm finally old. Sadly, many of my friends don't like me to use that word. They say they don't want to be 'old'. I think what they really mean is they don't want to be the kind of old that's infirm and dependent. I agree." Read Susun's take on being a Crone Elder.

Menopause is Enlightenment -- Kundalini is Power!

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Kundalini is usually represented as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine, but women's mystery stories locate it in the uterus - or the area where the uterus was, if a hysterectomy has occurred. During both puberty and menopause, a woman's kundalini is difficult to control and may cause a great number of symptoms.

Weed Walk

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Take a walk around your home or neighborhood to find simple weed allies to support your health!

Using Herbs Simply and Safely

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A simple is one herb. For optimum safety, I prepare, buy, sell, teach about and use herbal simples, that is: preparations containing only one herb.

Ease Those Bug Bites with Easy Herbs

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Take a leaf from Susun S. Weed's storehouse of natural remedies. Soothe, heal, & prevent bites with safe herbal remedies that grow right where you live:north or south, east or west, city or country. The best natural remedies for insect bites are right underfoot.

Fight the Flu, the Wise Woman Way

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I don't rely on modern medicine to keep me healthy, but if you usually rely on a flu shot to protect you, you may feel frightened by your inability to get one this year. You may be wondering what you can do instead. Or you may have discovered that flu shots don't give protection from all types of flu, just the ones the makers guess will be active this winter.

Fertility After Forty

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"More and more women are waiting until their late 30's, early 40's, even late 40's, to have children. Is this too late?" Read on for answers to this question and more.

Menopausal Years, the Wise Woman Way

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Menopause is a period of transition and metamorphosis, like puberty. It consists of three stages: isolation, melt down, and emergence. Each stage calls forth new energies and new perceptions of ourselves.

Wise Woman Ways to Boost Your Energy

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Even if you provide yourself with very high quality nutrients and use your energy wisely, you may still feel unreasonably tired.

Healthy Bones The Wise Woman Way

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In the Wise Woman Tradition, we focus on the patient, not the problem. The more we focus on disease, even disease prevention, the less likely we are to know how to nourish health-wholeness-holiness.