Archangel Michael & the Sword of Discrimination

archangel michaelMirabai Starr
Michael represents the Spiritual Warrior inside each of us who, with unconditional love in his heart, is willing to stand up for what he believes is right.

The Body Holographic

poetryJames Bertolino
Word Smith Bertolino with another of his Jewels on the Nature of Being.
Reiki and the Zero-Point Field

Reiki and the Zero-Point Field

chiCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
The Source of Reiki energy originates in what some modern scientists describe as The Zero Point Field – a field of low-level energy that fills the seeming empty vastness of deep space.

Fearless Women

great goddessSita Stuhlmiller
"You are the Energy of The Consciousness Which Pervades All, of infinite valor, the Seed of the Universe, that which is beyond limitation. By you, Oh Goddess, all is deluded by attachment, and if you are gracious, you are the cause of liberation in this world."

The Mythos of Consciousness

chiJade Wah'oo Grigori
Myth is the reality of the Soul, just as History is the reality of the day-to-day linear world. Mythos is the topography, or cosmology, of the Soul.