The Five Reiki Principles

The Five Reiki Principles

chiJane Sherry & Curtis Lang
The secret of inviting happiness through many blessings and the spiritual medicine for all illness -- five simple principles to accelerate spiritual advancement, open the heart and strengthen your Reiki practice.

A Morning Walk -- Traveling to Elemental Realms

anthroposophyDennis Klocek
Spiritual research requires the same degree of corroboration as research done in the natural sciences. This problem comes to a head in the research conducted in the realm of the elemental spirits.

Traveling with the Big Dipper

acupunctureClaire C. Cunneen
Since the North Star is the star most in line with the Earth’s axis, it becomes the “pivot of the sky”, with other stars and constellations – most directly the Big Dipper - appearing to revolve around it. The Handle of the Big Dipper points to the four directions as we go through the seasons of the year.
The History of Reiki

The History of Reiki

chiCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
The Reiki tradition began over 100 years ago as an exclusively oral set of secret teachings, handed down from teacher to student, similar to the methods of many other spiritual traditions in the East, such as yoga.

Subtle Body Sensing: The Impact of Flower Essences in the Human Aura

aromatherapyTrish Mooney for the Flower Essence Society
Learning how to work as a good flower essence therapist requires a deep appreciation for states of consciousness and energetic patterns that are not directly perceptible in the physical realm.

Aromatherapy and Emotions

aromatherapyJoie Power Ph.D.
Aromas effect mood and evoke memories. For example, Frankincense and Cypress have been said to aid in dispelling grief, while Ylang Ylang and Juniper are claimed to aid in coping with guilt....