The Ancient Roots of Fragrant Medicine

alchemyJoie Power Ph.D.
The majority of the world's population still largely depends on traditional medicines based on medicinal and aromatic plants and for many people in developing countries herbal medicines are still the only medicines that are available. In many cases, herbs are used today in the same ways that they were hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

The Soul Dimension of Cancer: How Flower Essence Therapy Can Help

aromatherapyDr. Marina Angeli
People in early stages of cancer whom I happened to know, who have used flower essences properly and worked with their personal issues in a decisive, authentic way, have had positive outcomes.

Balancing and Supporting the Immune System

aromatherapyJoie Power Ph.D.
We've got stress, environmental toxins, chronic illness & fatigue. Here are some powerful tools for establishing and maintaining wellness that any of us can and should access on our own.

My Journey with Southernwood

anthroposophyElizabeth Simons
When I embarked on a course of oil dispersion bath therapy for my severe fibromyalgia, I found myself unexpectedly walking a path of inner growth and healing that has brought physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Rosalie’s Healing Story

anthroposophyLinde Farmer, R.N
Sitting there with our feverish and congested child in the middle of the night, it was all we could do not to panic and rush her straight to the hospital for antibiotics. But because of our commitment to avoid them, we called our anthroposophical doctor, who told us to do three lemon wraps a day.

Building a Container for Rachel

aromatherapyTrish Mooney for the Flower Essence Society
The first cycle of essences was chosen to soothe, anchor and protect Rachel. We wanted to enable her to experience being grounded in her body without sliding into depression or returning to a scattered, manic mode of behavior.

Subtle Body Sensing: The Impact of Flower Essences in the Human Aura

aromatherapyTrish Mooney for the Flower Essence Society
Learning how to work as a good flower essence therapist requires a deep appreciation for states of consciousness and energetic patterns that are not directly perceptible in the physical realm.

Sunflower & Love-Lies-Bleeding: A Study in Spiritual Surrender

aromatherapyRichard Katz
The Sunflower essence is a catalyst for developing one's personal identity in relation to a larger spiritual Self. Love-Lies-Bleeding essence has proven to be a powerful balm for those undergoing great physical and psychic pain. When the soul has been stretched to the breaking point, it can enter another dimension of spiritual awareness.

Aromatherapy and Emotions

aromatherapyJoie Power Ph.D.
Aromas effect mood and evoke memories. For example, Frankincense and Cypress have been said to aid in dispelling grief, while Ylang Ylang and Juniper are claimed to aid in coping with guilt....


aromatherapyJoie Power Ph.D.
Explore the relationships between the nervous system, emotions, and the immune system; elucidating the links between our states of mind and our states of health.