Basic Instructions

Hot Lemon Chest Compress—to help overcome a lingering cough, a stubborn chest congestion and asthmatic wheezing

You will need: Cotton cloth or washcloth, lemon, boiling water, knife and fork, wringing cloth (hand towel), warm shirt and wool blanket. Have everything ready by the bed. If the feet are not warm, use a hot water bottle. Please read General Compress Procedure before beginning.


a) Scroll the compress cloth.

b) Place inside wringing cloth.

c) Pour boiling water into a medium size bowl. Let cool 1 minute.

d) Add a lemon, cut and score the lemon in the water with knife and fork and press to release essential oils.

e) Place wringing cloth pack in bowl with ends hanging over the sides. Soak, then remove and wring until dripping stops.

f) Remove compress from inside wringing cloth.

g) Apply compress carefully to the chest, as hot as the child can tolerate it.

h) Quickly wrap wool and cover cotton compress completely to avoid cooling off.

i) Cover child in warm clothes and blanket.

j) Replace compress when no longer hot (up to 3 times). Rest while leaving the wool covering still in place.Apply once or twice a day.

Note: Consider using the Plantain/Beeswax Cream from Uriel Pharmacy* for overnight. Rub cream on chest, back and throat. To enhance the effect, wrap the chest with a flannel and then a wool wrap.

General Compress Procedure:

a) Prepare the tea or essence.

b) Scroll both ends of a long wool wrap (insert a cotton inner cloth when sensitivity to wool exists).

c) Lay the child (or the limb) on top of this scroll.

d) Take a silk or a cotton cloth three times the size of the area and fold in three. Make a little scroll.

e) Place this in the center part of a dish towel, and scroll the dish towel next.

Place in a bowl, ends hanging over the edge, and pour the tea over the middle part of the cloth. Let it soak.

f) Grab the ends of the dish towel andwring it out as firmly as you can.

g) Remove the hot cotton compress from the wringing towel. Briefly “air’” it a bit above the area to be covered to avoid burning.h)Quickly apply (keep it folded in 3 layers).

i) Immediately grab the wool scroll from both sides, and wrap it around, with no cotton showing, and tuck it in. Cover with clothing or a warm towel.Optional: Place a rather flat hot water bottle on top of the wool wrap.

j)Cover your child warmly.

k) After 15-30 minutes, remove cotton compress, while leaving the wool still on and let child rest for another 15-20 minutes.If it cools off sooner, reheat the compress and apply again.

*Uriel Pharmacy is a unique compounding pharmacy located in rural Wisconsin. We hand-make natural medicines designed for the whole human being, using ingredients from our own biodynamic gardens. Mark McKibben, a pharmacist, created the company in 1996 to meet the needs of anthroposophically oriented health practitioners and their patients. We also serve many holistic practitioners as well as individuals seeking safe and effective home remedies. Custom-designed remedies are our specialty.

For a home remedy guide and free sample, contact us: toll-free (866) 642-2858, fax (262) 642-8780,

(This article was reprinted with the kind permission of LILIPOH, from their "Wellness Guide, Self-Help Indications for Parents, Families and Care-givers, Special focus on Children’s Health". Published by LILIPOH Publishing, Inc and the Wellness Nurses of The Los Angeles Alliance for Childhood.)

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