What are Affirmations?

The word affirmation contains the core meaning of "firm," suggesting that which is strong and secure. Significantly, this word connotes two simultaneous directions - downward to the terra firma of the earth on which we stand, and upwards to the vault of heaven, the enveloping firmament of the universe. Affirmations bridge heaven and earth by engaging the soul in a creative process through which the archetypal "Word becomes flesh."

Affirmations are a specialized activity within the larger field of soul processes such as meditation, contemplation and prayer. They are elegant and evocative words which enable the soul to initiate positive goals of inner development. It is a tenet of all spiritual teachings, as well as business and professional training programs, that the ordering of thought and the harmonizing of feeling has powerful impact on our ability to manifest change, both within ourselves and within the world.

The unique value of the affirmations written for this project of the Flower Essence Society, is that they are correlated to specific flowers. Throughout human culture, many poets and mystics have attempted to express a language of flowers. Even the most hardened among us can recognize that the flowers embody an exquisite language of the soul. This is why we use flowers to express our inmost feelings in all forms of human celebration and commemoration - from birth, to marriage, to death.

Flowers are Spiritual Messengers

If flowers are capable of rousing refined feelings within the soul life, perhaps it is because the soul itself is akin to a blossom. Many spiritual teachers have likened the chakras or energy centers of the spiritual human being to "lotus blossoms" or "petals" which unfold and become activated through earnest moral development.

Flowers are spiritual messengers, or living archetypes of divine creation able to reveal themselves within human consciousness. The pathway toward understanding a flower is much more than the accumulation of "information." To appreciate the spiritual dimension of Nature, one must be prepared to change one's heart, one's method of perception.

Human souls who sojourn in the spiritual world cannot behold a flower as we do here on earth; rather the soul must be able to inwardly realize the virtue which a flower radiates. Here on earth we take the living beauty of Nature for granted through our innate physical perception. But the spiritual dimensions of Nature can only be revealed if we are committed to a path of moral development through inner seeing, hearing, and knowing.

Working with Affirmations in a Living Way

In our age, we are inundated with many "positive thought" programs which may appear to be similar but can have markedly different results. The affirmations written in this series are of spiritual intent. They are not materialistic means for health, wealth, or fame. To wish for a specific thing or condition in the physical world is ultimately fruitless if it is not in harmony with the valid needs of the soul. True fortune is that which brings wealth to the spiritual life, enabling the soul to acquire the priceless jewels of virtue and moral strength. Therefore the right use of an affirmation is to precipitate inner changes that are in harmony with soul destiny. In this manner, the soul will attract what it needs in the material world for its welfare.

Furthermore, affirmations must work in such a way that they reflect our conscious choice and inner willingness to change. Many forms of hypnosis and subliminal programming bypass awake willing and comprehension. These programs may achieve limited success in modifying outer behavior, but only mindful inner work which strengthens and deepens soul consciousness can bring enduring transformation. There is an old proverb which states:

Sow a thought, reap an action;
Sow an action, reap a habit;
Sow a habit, reap a character;
Sow a character, reap a destiny.

Viewed from this vantage point, affirmations are an important beginning step along the pathway of genuine character development and life manifestation.

Working consciously with affirmations can be a challenging process. Taking self responsibility for inner change quickly brings the recognition that there are no panaceas which can instantly cure. True healing is an organic step-by-step process which gradually leads to inner mastery. At the first stage of engaging an affirmation, we typically need to open to the pain of our predicament. For example, an affirmation may champion courage and clarity, yet inside we may feel confused and afraid. Rather than avoid the affirmation or suppress one's conflicted feelings, the opportunity is there to live with the sting and tension of the contradiction. The "interval" between one's spiritual potential and the present situation is an enormously fruitful area for healing. As the soul registers and acknowledges this dissonance, it strives to find a harmonic concordance. Through this creative process, the words of the affirmation work incrementally to become true and firm. As the plant grows and blossoms in its dance between light and dark, so also do the creative forces of the human soul emerge.

Therefore, the affirmations are intended to lead the individual from an honest recognition of a state of mind or feeling, toward a process of soul alchemy. They suggest past, present and future potentials of consciousness. The soul is called to acknowledge the present pain or conflict and work toward resolution and integration. Ultimately, the soul radiates the awakened virtue.

The affirmations call upon the "I AM" awareness of the Self. This is not the lower personality or the ego, but the voice of the Higher Self which has divine awareness of the spiritual world. Regardless of one's religious or spiritual affiliation, this awareness of the I AM is a sacred and eternal truth.

Practical Techniques for Anchoring the Affirmation


Affirmations are best utilized in a gradual, incremental way. It is ideal to select a single affirmation which is central to one's developmental journey. If several affirmations are used, they should be applied in rhythmic intervals—such as consecutive days, with every third or fourth day beginning a new sequence. Rather than cluttering or overwhelming the mind, it is best use the affirmations in a spacious and graceful manner, so that the words move from the surface intellect to the deep space of the heart-mind.

It is not necessary to repeat the affirmations constantly, in fact this can deplete their inherent strength. Choose a time in daily life when there is a space for dedicated inner work and meditation. In this tranquil atmosphere, you need say the affirmation so that you breathe your entire being and focus of attention into the words until they ignite as a living fire within the soul.
It can be helpful to write the affirmations and keep them in a sacred place in your bedroom or office. You may also want to carry the affirmations with you, and call upon their power at a point in the day when you most need to be reminded or fortified. Most importantly, make a steadfast intention to return to the affirmations on a regular basis, much as you would plant a seed and water it conscientiously.

The length of time during which you use an affirmation can vary. Be mindful of building a rhythm—weekly or monthly intervals are excellent ones to consider. You may want to come back to a core affirmation again and again over a series of months or years so that its inner reality anchors into deeper strata of the soul.

It can be very beneficial to explore and expand the meaning of an affirmation through artistic means. Mandalas can help to integrate the various aspects of an affirmation or the tensions and polarities which emerge while working with it. Simple washes of color which evoke the mood and feeling of the affirmation can help the soul to imagine its activity in the aura. Journal writing can be an especially illumining way to explore the nuances of feeling and the inner dialogue which may accompany the transformative process. As one encounters the affirmation, additional words naturally emerge, and the core affirmation can be re-crafted with personal emphasis. However, keep in mind that the entire structure should be as direct and clear as possible.

Integrating Affirmations with Flower Essence Therapy

Many practitioners report on the profound impact which the affirmations have in their therapeutic programs with clients. For example, just holding the flower essence and saying the indicated affirmation during a healing session can initiate remarkable insight and emotional awakening.

Using flower essences and saying affirmations are two synergistic modalities with complementary points of origin. The affirmations begin in the conscious thought life, and gradually penetrate many levels of body-soul reality. The liquid "nature words" of the flower essences are directly absorbed into the body-soul and then work to illumine the thoughts and feelings.

Most choose to work with the affirmations in tandem with the flower essences, while others may prefer to continue with the affirmations even after the essences have been discontinued. Some clients may feel that the affirmations require too much conscious focus and prefer instead to experience the direct action of the flower essences. In some instance, practitioners may need to modify the affirmation to make it accessible to the particular needs of a client. In cases with children or where there is mental impairment, the affirmations will need special adaptation.

Even when the affirmations are not used by the client, they can generate a great deal of insight for the practitioner regarding the subtle properties and transformational capacities of a given remedy.

Concluding Thoughts: Affirmations as Seed Words

However they are used, the affirmations are offered as a way of experiencing a deeper communion with the subtle realm of flowers.

It is with real joy, but also angst, that one attempts to script living archetypes of Nature within the frail and fragile limits of human language. Therefore, please consider the affirmations as only a starting point for your inner process. Let them be approached as seed-words and place them in the soul-soil of your own heart. Your garden will bloom with its own unique blossoms.


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Affirmations: The Messages of the Flowers in Tranformative Words for the Soul

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Self Heal Affirmation


Prunella vulgaris

I am the center of my own healing efforts.
I awaken the Self-Healing power within me.
I am at One with all Life.

(Affirmation by Patricia Kaminski. Photo by Richard Katz. Reprinted with the kind of the
Flower Essence Society.)

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