The Libyan War, American Power and the Decline of the Petrodollar System

9-11Peter Dale Scott
If only to stabilize and reduce oil prices, it is in America’s best interest now to join with Ban Ki-Moon and the Pope in pressing for an immediate cease-fire in Libya. Negotiating a cease-fire will certainly present problems, but the probable alternative to ending this conflict is the nightmare of watching it inexorably escalate.

The Doomsday Project: Creating a State of Perpetual Emergency

9-11Peter Dale Scott
For the last 30 years the Federal government has implemented "The Doomsday Project": secret plans to suspend civil liberties in a state of emergency in America. 9/11 triggered the formation of a "shadow government" utilizing elements of these "emergency plans". The agenda? Erosion of civil liberties, suspension of constitutional protections, militarization of local police, and creation of a "soft" surveillance state where citizens live in a state of Perpetual Emergency and War Everlasting.

The Occupy Uprising: An Astrological Perspective

astrological forecastsBill Herbst
My intention is to illuminate Occupy through the lens of astrology, primarily by giving it a context in time. What is the meaning and the role of the Occupy uprising in this most amazing of periods in our history, specifically over the decade to come? What does it represent in the overall scheme of what is unfolding and might come to pass?

Clarifying the Timeline of Change: 2012 and Beyond!

astrological forecastsBill Herbst
June 24, 2012 is the “critical mass” point, the date of the initial partile pass of Uranus in first-quarter square to Pluto (exactly 90° ahead). That day, month, and even season does not, however, represent any “great awakening.” Rather, it is simply the first of the seven exact passes Uranus will make to Pluto over the three years from summer 2012 through spring 2015. Think of 2012 as the tipping point past which a Brave New World awaits and will unfold.

The Ruling Elites Are Not Like You and Me

age of aquariusBill Herbst
The Uranus-Pluto alignment that defines the 2010s is the most significant of all decades where those configuations occurred — more than than the revolutionary 1780s and 1850s, more than the convulsive 1930s, more than the turbulent and world-changing 1960s! The ruling elites will be hard-pressed to maintain their power as social, governmental, and commercial institutions lose coherence and break down. So they've declared war on the rest of us!

Astrological Patterns Signal Social Transformation in 2013-2014

astrological forecastsBill Herbst
A string of Uranus-Pluto aspects and other outer planet configurations will cause global turmoil in the next two years. Challenges apply to all corridors of massive, concentrated power and the institutions that provide support and reap the benefits. Corporations and governments around the world are vulnerable to the profound challenges of revolt (Uranus) and upheaval (Pluto).

Meltdown Strategies: Financial Disaster and Climate Change

crisis of human civilizationStarhawk
The environment is not an afterthought: it’s the ground of economy, security and survival. Environmental protection, environmental justice and regeneration must be our top priorities, because they are the only sound foundation for every other endeavor.

City, Country or Suburb? Which Is Best During Peak Oil and Global Warming?

crisis of human civilizationSharon Astyk
It isn't where you live, but how you live there that matters -- especially who your neighbors are, and how well you get along in your community. Because in this transitional age between petroleum civilization and post-carbon civilization we will find that "it takes a village" just to survive.

Nine Decades of Non-Violence: The Story of Satyagraha

crisis of human civilizationPalagummi Sainath
Satyagraha was Gandhi's peaceful protest movement in India that triggered the drive for independence in that country. Here's the story of an old Muslim gentleman who followed Gandhi and has practiced Gandhian precepts for fifty years.

The Importance of Plumbing

astrological forecastsBill Herbst
The decade of the 2010s will unfold as another lightning-bolt chapter in the recently accelerated evolution of humanity toward substantive change in how we live, work, and play on this garden planet.

Where We Are; Where We're Headed -- The Road to 2012

astrological forecastsBill Herbst
On June 25th, Saturn made its final pass opposite Neptune, and that is very meaningful. Our collective disillusionment, social malaise, and the longstanding sense of being lost in confusion while sinking in quicksand are peaking right now after almost four years of Saturn-Neptune's scandalous revelations, endless deception, and fantasies polarized to realities.

Putting Flower Essences on the Map For Peace and Healing

crisis of human civilizationRobina Hearle
Read about Robina's ongoing project for peace. Her idea is to get as many people as possible putting bottles of flower essences on a map.