Mineralogical and Metaphysical Properties of Prehnite (with Epidote)

prehnite with epidotePrehnite is a complex silicate often found in the lining in the cavities of volcanic rocks. Prehnite ranges in color from white, gray, and yellow to chartreuse green and can take globular, prismatic & tabular crystal forms. Prehnite often occurs with epidote, a combination which enhances the mineralogical and metaphysical value of the stone.

Prehnite is valued in the metaphysical community for its beauty and for its ability to energize the etheric body and enhance our connection with our intuitive, psychic nature. Said also to intensify deep meditation work, and provide easy access to prophetic wisdom from Higher Worlds,  prehnite is a good stone for dreamwork, divination, manifestation work and for meditation and spiritual practices centered on connecting with the Divine both within and without.

Those who practice divination have reported that prehnite utilized as part of a crystal grid during meditation or while giving readings greatly enhances the accuracy, depth and clarity of the information being received. Crystal practitioners whose work involves contact with extra-terrestrial intelligences have found that prehnite can be used by itself or as part of a crystal grid to create an environment conducive to communication with visitors from the stars.
Prehnite with Epidote

Prehnite is also often used in crystal grids or placed upon the body of an individual receiving energy treatments to bring celestial calmness to a troubled mind and body or a conflicted environment. Prehnite is also a stone of protection when carried on the person, placed on an altar or bedside table, or used as part of a crystal grid to surround an environment with a powerful energetic shield. 

Mineralogical and Metaphysical Properties of Epidote

Epidote appears as yellowish green to brownish black, it is vitreous and translucent or transparent in appearance. It is what is known as a 'monoclinic' formation, usually in long & slender, grooved prismatic crystals.

The name Epidote is from the Greek prefix 'epi' meaning 'over' and 'didonai' meaning 'to give' which refers to its appearance in some cases where one side of the crystal is enlarged over the other. Epidote is occasionally used as a gemstone.
Epidote is a very valuable mineral which imparts a deeply calming & centering energy during meditation or energy work & has tremendous influence on our own capacity for self healing. 

We have found this stone helps us remember our dreams, brings hidden information into consciousness and increases our access to Higher Wisdom. An easy stone to put in your pocket or under your pillow before sleep!

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