Mineralogical and Metaphysical Properties of Moonstone


Moonstone is a gemstone variety of the mineral feldspar, a gemstone with a vitreous luster and a hardness only slightly less than that of quartz crystal.

Moonstone exhibits a blue shimmering reflective sheen that gemologists call "blue adularescence." This means that the Moonstone shines with a spectral lustre that flashes blue in different lights, or as the gemstone is rotated in the line of sight. Moonstone produces a wavy multi-colored band of light; like a cat's-eye, with rays ranging from pearly white to violet to electric blue.

The white and violet shimmer produced by Moonstone indicates this gemstone's resonance with the crown chakra, which is considered to be violet or gold in the Western chakra system. The blue flash present in the stone indicates a connection with the throat chakra.

Moonstone brings the bearer a lunar, feminine, nurturing energy that encourages understanding, and eases change that leads to growth. It further enhances intuition & the recall of dreams, soothing the soul & the emotional body. Moonstone is used to ease the difficulties associated with pregnancy and childbirth, and to protect travelers, removing obstacles in the path. 
Moonstone, based upon our experience, enhances the connection with our intuitive and psychic abilities, and provides the soothing, beneficent energy signature of the Great Mother.

Moonstone connects the bearer with the natural cycles of the body, and of the natural world in a way that energizes and heals, rejuvenating the body, and aiding in the treatment of degenertive conditions of all kinds. 
Moonstone activates the throat chakra and connects the bearer to their own inner truth, Higher Purpose and Higher Wisdom, stimulating creativity in all fields of endeavor.

Moonstone provides a feeling of energetic and emotional expansiveness, giving the bearer a developing feeling of the possibilities in life, the potential for accelerated spiritual growth and increased love and light -- and this expansive emotional state resolves into feelings of harmony and joy.

In addition, crystal healers and Lightworkers use Moonstone in meditation to quiet the mind, expand the consciousness and help them to manifest the inner and outer resources, qualities and energies needed to fulfill the heart's innermost desires in accord with the Lightworker's highest and best good.

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