Metaphysical and Mineralogical Properties of Himalayan Ice Quartz

This unusual rosy quartz is a type of interference quartz formation with a powerful, nurturing and protective energy signature known as Nirvana Quartz or Himalayan Ice Quartz, which is new in the world crystal markets. Nirvana Quartz originates high in the Himalayan mountain ranges of northern India.

Late in 2006, Nirvana Quartz was discovered in extremely high altitude areas which had formerly been covered in ice 365 days a year. Exploring where glaciers had recently retreated, rockhounds discovered deposits of a unique type of rosy quartz never seen before.

Nirvana Quartz appears in wands and in chunks composed of aggregates of irregularly shaped, convuluted smaller crystal formations which have grown into a single larger specimen over millennia of geological time. Himalyan Ice Quartz almost invariably lacks the more common six-sided shaft and well-defined termination tips characteristic of much clear and rose quartz found around the world.

Nirvana Ice Quartz is an extreme example of the type of crystal formation known as growth interference quartz. Growth interference crystals are created when calcite or other mineral formations adhere to the crystallizing quartz formation, then disappear over time. This results in the creation of indentations, grooves and other irregularities along the prismatic faces of the quartz crystal.


Growth interference crystals are typically used to enhance understanding of blocks we encounter in our quest for emotional, physical, or spiritual growth, and to gently remove these "stuck" energies, representing old and outdated mental conceptions of the world, recurring patterns of negative behavior manifesting in relationships, negative emotional reactions to life conditions, and physical impediments to health and well-being. The growth interference crystal can be used to help remove blockages in the chakra system, facilitating the flow of Kundalini energy throughout the human energy field.

In meditation, sitting with the Rosy Nirvana Ice Quartz in the left, or receiving hand, Jane and I experienced a very similar energy signature. Very quickly one enters a space of deep silence and peace that passes understanding. One immediately notices the establishment of a strong "cocoon" of warmth around the body, filling the aura with a strong, protective energy which exhibits a rosy glow to the inner vision. Nagging thoughts, recurring reactive emotional responses and physical discomfort melt away.
Nirvana Ice Quartz tends to heat up quite rapidly in the hand. One notices a strong flow of warmth and a surge of Universal Life Force energy up the arm and into the chest, centering in the heart, and then rushing down the trunk into the lower chakras, providing support, centering and grounding one's being. We have also encouraged others to experiment with these amazing new specimens, and have received similar reports.

Nirvana Ice Quartz is a wonderful stone to hold or place under the pillow when entering dreamtime, and provides a feeling of security, warmth, protection and well-being. We have experienced some lovely pleasant dreams with the aid of this Himalayan quartz.In using Nirvana Ice Quartz wands during Reiki treatments, Jane and I have experienced much the same type of energy transfer that we encountered during meditation. We simply use the wand as we would any quartz wand, directing the flow of energy out through the more angular, narrower, or "male" end of the wand, to the client.

We have also obtained good results by having clients simply hold the Nirvana Quartz in their left hand during Reiki treatments.Clients report a flush of "chi" or "prana" entering the body, filling the aura, opening the heart, and rushing into the lower chakras. At the same time, clients report stillness of the mind, and an opening to Spirit, a new tranquility and peace they describe as quite profound.

We recommend Himalayan Nirvana Ice Quartz to meditators, Lightworkers, Reiki practitioners, crystal healers, and anyone with a deficiency of "chi" or Universal Life Force energy. These Himalayan Nirvana Ice Quartz wands and chunks are small enough to carry in one's pouch or purse or medicine bag, for use at work or on the road.

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