September Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces

crystalsCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
This Full Moon Eclipse emphasizes the need for each of us to turn within, to subordinate our egoistic will to the Higher Purpose we each have incarnated to fulfill, and to listen carefully to the Divine Guidance available to us through our connection to Higher Mind.

September 2012 Harvest Moon Cosmic Weather Forecast

autumn equinoxCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
The coming extreme environmental events, and the potential war of all against all that could be unleashed by water shortages, food shortages, greed and lust for power during the end of the age of abundant, cheap oil can only be averted or mitigated by the emergence of a group consciousness that honors the Earth and simultaneously maintains the welfare of all individuals. Those of us who can successfully integrate these communitarian impulses into our psyches and our lives, and find common cause with those who share our goals, but who may have different belief systems and values, will be richly rewarded by the Universe, and will be given the tools enabling us to work together to ameliorate the coming global troubles in our immediate vicinity and around the world.