A Rosy Glow is Appearing on the Horizon for this Weekend

On Thursday afternoon, November 10 at 12:16:06 pm (PST), or 03:16:06 pm (EST), we celebrate the Scorpio Solar Festival and the Full Moon at 18°04′ Taurus.

Romance is in the air! A rosy emotional glow permeates the atmosphere this Full Moon and is likely to touch each and every one of us. The moon is in its sign of exaltation, Taurus, a position that is associated with the fusion of love and sexual attraction, the rare alignment of heart and head. Understanding others is easier this week, and opening the heart completely to a compatible love partner can lead to a transcendent experience.

This week the Cosmic Weather Forecast calls for an intriguing mixture of love and romance alternating with moments of sublime contemplation, leading to potential paradigm shifts and sneak attacks of totally unexpected episodes of ecstasy. All this leads to one common destination: the total rebooting of all our internal guidance systems.

And the Universe is providing some mild Cosmic Weather while we undergo the alchemical self-transformation associated with this month of Scorpionic degeneration and renewal. Chiron’s return to direct motion in Pisces, Neptune's return to direct motion in Aquarius, Mercury conjunct Venus in Sagittarius and the entry of Mars into Virgo are all very supportive changes in the Cosmic Climate opening a window of pleasant energies during what has been an extremely tough and trying year for most folks.

Lately, Mars has bee in Leo, where the brash, impulsive, me-first energy has dramatized every issue and every egotistic poseur with high visibility on the planetary stage.

Now, Mars enters Virgo where the planet of energy, strength and will forms a supportive and harmonious trine with Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Mars in Virgo is all about working with others, and often that involves activation of the critical mind.

Where Leo is all about "me", Virgo is all about others, how we get along, and where our interests, preferences, beliefs, and philosophies diverge to the point where understanding is challenged and conflict is inevitable.

Mars in Leo has been empowering for the 1% while Mars in Virgo is empowering for the 99%. You can rest assured that the global revolution against the failed policies of neo-liberalism and the failed politics of repression, authoritarianism and oligarchy will fine-tune its critique of the existing system of exploitative social relations during the next eight months, expand its reach, and begin to form a more self-conscious and coherent alternative social structure.

Mars stays in Virgo for the next eight months, so while the Grand Cardinal Cross aspects that have been active since the global financial meltdown of 2007-2008 heat up yet again, and begin to reach the first stages of what will be a multi-year climax next spring, we will all benefit from this grounding, harmonizing Grand Trine in Earth signs.

Last month the Libra Solar Festival emphasized all efforts to attain social harmony, rekindled aspirations toward higher consciousness, and spotlighted the balancing act that everyone in a community must perform to honor both individual and group needs, desires, obligations, and aspirations.

This month we salute Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth, of sexuality, and of transcendence. The Scorpio Solar Festival encourages us to travel the pathways to higher consciousness all the way to the end-point where the personality dissolves and we experience the death of the Ego. That death experience is of course the doorway to higher worlds, higher consciousness and Unity with Source.

This Thursday during the Full Moon the Sun will be at 19° Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for  19° Scorpio is "A Parrot Repeats the Conversation He Has Overheard." Dane Rudhyar, author of a book on these astrological symbols, says of this degree of Scorpio that: "To the individual who lives in a state of ardent and sustained faith it may become possible to become a channel for the transmission of a knowledge or wisdom that transcends the normal mental understanding. . .Discrimination is needed here to balance the overeagerness of faith."

This Full Moon weekend is the ideal time to enter the Silence of Source and tune in to the Cosmic Radio Station broadcasting messages from Beings of Light who have Ascended from Earthly realms to locations which offer a Supreme vantage point from which to view human historical progress, and thus be in a position to assist in obtaining optimal outcomes for humanity's evolution and spiritual development. Be sure to exercise discernment during your transcendent channeling experience, however, for discernment is the cornerstone of faith and integrity for all those who communicate with Higher Worlds.

If you have ever wanted to open yourself to the experience of operating as a clear channel for the instruction and guidance emanating from the Heart of the Wisdom Traditions, this Full Moon weekend offers some of the most supportive energy for such activities that one can reasonably expect to see.

The Sabian Symbol for this month's Full Moon at 19° Taurus is likewise auspicious. It is "A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean", and Rudhyar says that "The symbol need hardly be commented upon. When the mind has been emptied and light has been called upon to purify the consciousness freed from its attachment and contaminations, a new release of life can emerge out of the Ocean of Potentiality, the Virgin SPACE."

Socially speaking, the Scorpio month we now enter focuses on the emotional dramas and traumas that we encounter in the communities in which we live, and challenges us to engage with those communities in a profound way, honoring community while remaining true to ourselves. Psychodramas abound, and these psychodramas can lead to greater understanding and stronger community ties if handled with the emotional wisdom and personal integrity for which Scorpio is justly famous.

The overall energy signature this Full Moon is of a relief of tensions, a moment of respite and the emergence of clarity in situations that have been immersed in a fog of confusion. There is also a strong impulse toward idealistic, universal feelings of love for humanity and all of creation.

So this is a week of internal alchemical transformation, as we release attachment to some negative emotions and accept a complete "reboot" of our internal guidance systems. This is a great week for all spiritual practices, for love and romance, for community enterprise and for all social interactions. Enjoy the good vibes while they last!

This Full Moon, may you surrender to the Stillness - and to the Voice within that Stillness - and may you continue the Conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel constantly this weekend and throughout the holiday season to come!

Love and Light,

Curtis & Jane

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