Pisces Full Moon, Virgo Solar Festival August 2018 Cosmic Weather Forecast

Warm greetings from Jane and Curtis at Satya Center! 

Here in South Florida, Jane's tropical garden of many colors continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, and we continue to harvest collard greens and dandelions, both of which have been producing for around eight straight months. 

Jane's August harvest: photo by Jane Sherry

We celebrate the Pisces Full Moon, Virgo Solar Festival this Sunday, August 26th, at 7:56 AM Eastern time. The Moon will be at 3°12’ degrees of Pisces, opposed by the Sun at 3°12’ degrees of Virgo. The indigenous peoples of North America celebrated the onset of the harvest season during this Sturgeon Moon or Corn Moon, when farmers and fisherfolk saw their hard work culminate in abundance for all. 

After a long series of challenging full moons, some potent eclipses, and recent clusters of retrograde planets, we are all looking for a bit of relief from stress and anxiety during this long, hot summer of planetary turmoil. 

There's good news this week as this Full Moon in cosmic, ethereal Pisces is in a very positive sextile with both taskmaster Saturn in pragmatic Capricorn and electrifying Uranus in stolid Taurus. 

This configuration provides a supportive cosmic environment for us to reconnect with our higher purpose in life, envision new ways of fulfilling that purpose, and summon the will forces and mental determination we need to achieve our loftiest material and spiritual goals.

This combination of planets is very grounded and yet inclined toward revolutionary changes. These changes will be sparked by intuitive visions that open up new pathways leading to breakthroughs in our personal and collective affairs. 

The Sun ingresses into Virgo as I write this on Thursday August 23nd, and joins with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus to form a grand trine in Earth signs. Soon, Mercury will join the Sun in Virgo, and this Grand Trine will persist for several weeks as a result, creating a new sense of stability and harmony in the physical realm.

Mercury has just gone direct in motion, so we will all begin to feel some relief from mental confusion this Full Moon. Mars goes direct on the Monday following the Full Moon, and Saturn goes direct September 6, so we will all feel the difference by then. Where we have been stuck, where we have encountered obstacles, where we have been reliving past traumas, and where we have encountered seemingly insurmountable challenges, we will begin to find our way once again.

The Pisces moon is a moon of endings, since Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and we should all soon begin to feel that the many thorny issues surfacing during this long hot summer season will be in our rear view mirrors.

Full Moon in Pisces, Virgo Solar Festival Nature Meditation with Archangel Uriel

Given all these beneficial aspects, this week, we will all benefit from turning down the deafening noise all around us generated by the ongoing political, environmental and economic crisis of our global civilization, so we can quiet our minds, connect with intuitive guidance, and envision new ways of living in harmony with Spirit and with the natural world.

This is the Full Moon when Universal Life Force energy reaches its maximum expression in the natural world. After months of unceasing growth, plants and animals are fully infused with Universal Life Force energy. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Pisces Full Moon is the time of the yearly seasonal cycle when will forces and sexual energies are at their zenith within human beings. Plants dance toward the sun, fruits and flowers abound, insects rush to gather nectar, and all of nature is energized by the outpouring of Universal Life Force energy.

This outpouring energy is directed by Archangel of Summer, Uriel, who presides over the activities of the angels, devas, nature spirits and elementals in the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms. Uriel is the Archangel of Wisdom, and his name means God is My Light. Uriel is also associated with Saturn, and is considered a stern taskmaster who demands that humanity develop an inner conscience in relation to the natural world of the four dimensional space-time continuum. 

By James Powell and Sons of the Whitefriars Foundry (St John’s Church, Boreham, Wiltshire) [
Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Uriel reminds us of our individual debt to humanity and to Mother Earth. Uriel opens our inner vision to the long historical process that has brought us to this unique, impermanent, joyous moment of conscious participation in the evolution of Universal consciousness.

Archangel Michael, whose fall season arrives next month, directs our attention to the supersensible realms of subtle energy, and the forces, beings, and presences that reside there. We are asked to become conscious of these subtle beings and to commune with them, to understand that elements of our being extend far beyond the world of the five senses.

In the meantime, Archangel Uriel directs our attention to the web of life and consciousness that suffuses the planet and supports our physical presence here on Earth.

We are asked at this time to become fully conscious of our interconnection with all other life forms on planet Earth, and to begin to more fully participate in maintaining the dynamic equilibrium that characterizes our current planetary ecosystem, which has for over 10,000 years provided humanity with a climate regime that is extremely favorable to human civilization.

Uriel asks us to meditate upon humanity's long journey from Paleolithic life and stone tools to today's digital age of instant global communications, and to recognize and honor the achievements of our ancestors.

Paleolithic humanity lived in a world of climate extremes for over 100,000 years and survived until the dawn of the Holocene Era, when our current goldilocks climate regime began, some 10,000 years ago. This was an amazing achievement!

Meditate upon the mind-boggling time involved in reaching this moment of human development, and the creativity, love and service required in the long struggle. So we honor our ancestors, and their wisdom, love and will forces.

Uriel asks that we recognize our debt to them, and honor that debt by contemplating our debt to the future.

Uriel is the seer of Time, fitting for a Saturnine archangel. Uriel views the past and sees the many potential futures before time itself unfolds a new reality. Uriel asks that we expand our consciousness so we can envision the life of our children's children, and the generations beyond them. We must each bear our share of responsibility for the conditions on planet Earth at the end of our lives, and for centuries beyond, whether we have the ability to envision them clearly or not. 

Forest Web by Jane Sherry

The entirety of the great web of life on planet Earth includes the interpenetrating realms of physical reality and the supersensible realms of subtle energy, and Uriel teaches us that we can attain a consciousness of the totality we inhabit by reflection upon the evolution of life on Earth, our history, and by meditation upon the multitude of probabalistic future events our thoughts, words and deeds are co-creating with the Universe. 

In this way we can attain enlightened awareness of Unity consciousness through the promptings of Archangel Uriel in the season of summer's decline.

Now is the time to enjoy some time in the forests, streams, lakes, beaches and oceans of the world. Tune in to the buzz of activity in the plant, insect and animal kingdoms, and perform a sitting or walking or swimming meditation. If you can commune with nature near or in a water element that would be ideal for the Full Moon in Pisces Uriel Nature Meditation.

Breathe deeply and consciously from deep in the belly. Breathe in to the count of five, and breathe out to the count of ten. Repeat. Eventually you will feel the energy streaming all around you, permeating your body, and calming your over active mind.

Make it your intent to send this super abundant energy back to your environment. Envision an energetic connection to the devas, elementals, nature spirits, plants, insects, fish and animals in your vicinity. Then visualize energy pouring into you from your environment on the inbreath, and pouring out of you to these beings of light and matter on the outbreath. Repeat.

Paintings by Alex Gray


Over time you will feel yourself to be a part of a vast web of life, which extends far beyond the world revealed by our five senses.

Give thanks to Uriel's angelic hosts that preside over the growth of this magnificent web of life, and make an offering of food, water, thoughts, prayers, or power objects to the elementals and nature spirits of the place you inhabit.


We are also giving gratitude to Uriel and performing Uriel's work when we are willing to perform deep research and practice discernment to look unflinchingly at the scientific realities concerning climate change. 

That is what we did in last month's newsletter, which was painful to write, and could have been painful, anxiety producing or depressing to read.

It is extremely painful to view the current situation regarding runaway climate change. It challenges us at the most basic level of being. As individual human beings, as egoistic personalities, we have difficulty in envisioning long time scales, and we have trouble empathizing with people in less fortunate lands where tragedy has already triggered a flood of climate refugees. It is extremely difficult to understand the intricate interrelationships that characterize global ecosystems, and difficult to see how individuals can make any difference.

Jane and I want to say thanks to our readers for being willing to perform this taxing Uriel work of clearly facing our collective karma as it relates to humanity's interactions with Mother Earth.

Now we know that without radical, disruptive transformations in our political and economic systems, and without a fundamental expansion of our collective consciousness, we may fail to save ourselves from pushing planetary ecosystems past tipping points that might push us into a new steady state hothouse climate, incompatible with human civilization as we know it today. 

The work of Uriel is to help us address this emergency by helping us to understand that the individual, solitary individual, the egoistic personality, is a false construct, an illusion that prevents us from perceiving the true nature of our reality. We are totally interdependent, as individual human beings.

We need one another. We honor our ancestors, and our actions prioritize our legacy to our children. We are a small part of the intricate dance of life that weaves a vast web encompassing all sentient beings on Earth. Yet we are now the dominant force in shaping Earth's ecosystems, for better or worse. It is Uriel's work to help us understand exactly what that means, and to act accordingly.


When we find ourselves so moved by the suffering of people we do not know in parts of the world we've never been, no matter their skin color, race, religion or ethnicity, that it is as if members of our own family, our own closest friends, our own neighbors, were suffering, then we will have succeeded in competing the work Uriel has set forth for us.

When we find ourselves so in tune with the ecosystem around us that we perceive the damage done to other species, and to the dynamic climate equilibrium that sustains life, as if the damage were done to our own bodies, then we will have succeeded in completing the work Uriel has set forth for us.

When we consider all our life choices in the light of our understanding of human history and of the necessities required by humanity in the future, then we will have succeeded in completing the work Uriel has set forth for us.

All those who make a conscious effort to minimize their carbon footprint, to educate others about humanity's global climate emergency, all those who are involved in organized groups dedicated to mitigating climate change, and preserving living ecosystems, are doing the work of Uriel.


All those who work to transmit healing energy, magnetic forces, and Universal Life Force Energy to the people and places around the world in need of assistance during this global climate emergency are doing the work of Uriel. This Full Moon let us join together in meditation all over the world to send Reiki, crystal healing, and other enlivening energies to those in Hawaii being hit by the hurricane, and to others who are known to you who most need this assistance.

Let us ask Uriel this Full Moon to open our hearts, to expand our consciousness, so that we may no longer be held captive inside the prison of the egoistic personality.

Let us ask Uriel this Full Moon to guide us toward the new, emerging 21st Century conscious of Anthropocene Man, when we leave behind humanity's childhood, and take up our full responsibility to act as stewards of the Earth, rather than as conquerors or alpha predators whose only task is to despoil the natural world.

Jane and I send you love and light from our little uber suburban pool garden in Boca Raton, Florida. May your Full Moon meditation be joyful, playful, sensuous, transcendent and sustainable! 

Red Tip Ginger, Shrimp Plant Flowers, Pente, Traveler Palm in Jane's Garden by Jane Sherry

Meditation Moment: Uriel, a St. John's Hymn

Uriel, ruling guardian of summer heights, You with the all-penetrating gaze. From your eyes stream forth The light of the resting stars, Of the wandering moon, Of fire flaming powers of lightning. You watch and judge the reapers of the harvest, Of us, man on earth, usurpers of the light. You, Archangel Uriel, conscience of the world, Wisest among all angels.

-- Wilfried Hammacher