Aquarius Supermoon, Leo Solar Festival, August 2022 Cosmic Weather Forecast

Welcome to the August 2022 Cosmic Weather Forecast by Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry. Here in Winston Salem it's too hot for us to work in the garden, but we expect a cooling trend over the next week or two. Divine timing for us, because it will be time for fall planting! And so far we've had no floods. Our area is abnormally dry, but not in a drought. We feel we are blessed and protected this year when we look at what's happening around the world.

Summer 2022 has been a long, hot season of danger, punctuated by extreme flooding events in our planetary new normal of accelerating climate change.

GFS Global Temperatures courtesy Global Reanalyzer
This page shows the current day's average weather — temperature, precipitation, wind, and other variables — forecast by the NOAA/NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS). 2m Temperature refers to air temperature at 2 meters above the surface. 2m Temperature Anomaly refers to the departure of the current day's forecasted temperature from a long-term mean for the same day of the year. The anomalies here are based on a 1979-2000 reference climatology
derived from the NCEP Climate Forecast System Reanalysis (CFSR)

"The summer of 2022 is shaping up to be a scorcher," reports Carbon Brief. "June 2022 saw the warmest temperatures on record over the world’s land areas – and recordbreaking heatwaves have swept across the northern hemisphere, particularly continental Europe, the UK, China and parts of the US." 

England and Europe are experiencing unprecedented heatwaves, droughts and wildfires. You can walk across dry sandy riverbeds in spots where the mighty Rhine, Thames, Po and Loire rivers run through Germany, England, Italy and France.

In China we've seen "Towns and farmlands inundated by floods, homes and roads buried by landslides, crops withering under scorching heat, hazmat-suited Covid workers collapsing from heatstroke," CNN reports. "Since summer began, scenes of devastation and misery have been playing out across China as the world's most populous nation grapples with an unrelenting torrent of extreme weather emergencies."

Antarctica Melting, courtesy Wikimedia
Melting Glacier Ice in Antarctica
Rob Oo
CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


"New evidence suggests that two major glaciers in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) are losing ice at the fastest rate for at least 5,500 years," The Imperial College of London reports in Science News. "These currently elevated rates of ice melting may signal that those vital arteries from the heart of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet have been ruptured, leading to accelerating flow into the ocean that is potentially disastrous for future global sea level in a warming world. Is it too late to stop the bleeding?" asks the report's co-author Dr Dylan Rood of Imperial's Department of Earth Science and Engineering.

Here in the US, it's been a season of extreme heat, wildfires and floods from Coast to Coast. "[T]he deadly heat wave set or tied 359 daily high-temperature records [in the U.S.] over the last week [of July], along with 709 records for the warmest overnight low temperature, according to NOAA's National Center for Environmental Information," as Axios reports

Fire raging in the parking lot dumpster, Ottawa, Canada.
Ben Watts from Ottawa, CanadaCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

To top off the incendiary summer climate, this week as we celebrate this month's Aquarian Supermoon on Thursday August 11 2022, at 9:36 p.m. EDT, we will be in the midst of a combustible stellar energy signature that resembles a dumpster fire in the sky.

The year's final Full Supermoon at 19º21’ Aquarius opposes the Sun in Leo and squares the Moon conjunct Saturn. All three luminaries square Uranus and the North Node of spiritual aspiration, conjunct in Taurus, creating a combustible T-Square in Fixed signs. Mars at 25º2' Taurus is not precisely part of the T-Square but adds a stubborn inflammatory intransigence to the conflicted star chart.

On the level of the collective consciousness, the Uranus/North Node conjunction infuses the revolutionary energy of Uranus into the Spirit of the Age, which is embodied by the Moon's North Node. That revolutionary idealistic fervor conflicts with the socially conditioned reactionary impulses of the ideological true believer.

Berlin Wall at the Potsdamer Platz 1975 looking southeastwards into Stresemannstraße.
Edward Valachovic
CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In August 1961, the Uranus/North Node conjunction coincided with the construction of the Berlin Wall, which triggered skyrocketing escalation of tensions and the start of the peak phase of the Twentieth Century's Cold War, including credible threats of nuclear war.

It is likely that the current Uranus/North Node conjunction will see radical new developments in the Ukraine War which will result in far-reaching, long lasting geostrategic restructuring and the potential for sharper and stronger confrontations between power blocks during the remainder of the year and for years to come. In short, the 21st Century's Cold War 2.0 will pit the US and its dwindling band of allies against the world's rising powers of Eurasia -- China, Russia, the Middle East and more.

There is very little likelihood that America will be able to force a return to its Twentieth Century Glory Days of Global Empire. The emergence of a multi-polar world in the 21st Century may well be a necessary prerequisite for human consciousness to advance. The days of the Imperial Hegemon are indeed numbered. The main question now is whether there will be a graceful transition into this new post-Imperial world order, or if we will see a bloody transition scarred by large scale hot wars, nuclear confrontation and massive casualties.

Uranus, Courtesy of NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory

On a spiritual level this Full Supermoon's Fixed Sign T-Square indicates an electrifying conflict between the irresistible Uranian impulse to break free from Saturnian structures of Aquarian social conformity in our lives that are preventing us from moving forward on the path of Spirit. When Saturn rests easy in its own sign of Aquarius, we can expect to see soul-centered individuals hard at work creating the social networks and archetypes of that will become the foundation for the newly expanded consciousness that will characterize a New Age of right social relations.

That Uranian impulse and the North Node's call to fulfill our spiritual contract with ourselves puts us in conflict with the social demands that thwart our Leonine efforts to manifest our unique destiny and attain the spiritual freedom that comes with successful completion of the journey that leads to what Jung called individuation.

Individuation is a spiritual journey that triggers an expansion of consciousness along with the slow divestiture of the false consciousness of the egoistic personality. The end result of this journey is the achievement of Self-realization. 

In our day to day lives, this Fixed Sign T-Square involving 4 planets and the North Node is super combustible. Sudden, unexpected developments may catapult us out of our comfort zone and our daily routines may end up in the Cosmic dumpster fire as we rush to keep up.

Official Photo by Wang Yu Ching / Office of the President/Taiwan Stock Exchange
總統府CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This volatile set of aspects has special significance for global financial markets and the global group consciousness of humanity.

With Mars, Uranus and North Node conjoined in the money sign Taurus, all square Sun and Saturn, tensions regarding financial upheaval created by global supply chain issues, geostrategic confrontations between East and West, inflation, food, fuel and fertilizer shortages, and higher interest rates create a once in a generation global financial stress test that makes it very difficult to predict outcomes in markets worldwide. The upside seems limited and downside risks abound, but markets in general seem oblivious to the cracks appearing in the global economy.

Later this month, Venus will enter Taurus and join Uranus and the Sun in another fixed sign T-square, indicating a resurgence of the awareness of global risk factors, and potential high volatility in financial markets. By September 21-28, retrograde Saturn and Uranus will return to a nearly exact waning square.

Saturn's Rings Shine in Hubble Telescope Portrait
NASA, ESA, A. Simon (GSFC), M.H. Wong (University of California, Berkeley) and the OPAL Team, 2019

During this two year Uranus-Saturn square, culture wars in America, Europe's first land war in 100 years, and global financial crisis have dominated the headlines.

Over the next few months, we could see the climax of global geo-political tensions and financial turmoil as these aspects unfold. By the end of September, Saturn will be moving away from its two year square aspect to volatile Uranus, and the clash of these planetary Titans will begin to recede, but will still impact our lives for some time to come.

As the square dissipates, over the next year or so, it is possible that extreme financial volatility, geostrategic saber rattling and the rise of political extremism may give way to a more moderate, conciliatory, stable atmosphere.

However this is one more spoiler in the Cosmic mix.

On August 20, Mars enters Gemini, goes retrograde in Gemini October 30th, and remains in the sign of the Twins until March 25th, 2023, when the Red Planet enters the sign of Cancer. Normally, Mars is in each sign about six weeks, but in this case, Mars will stay in Gemini for seven months.

Johannes Hevelius's chart of Gemini and surrounding constellations,
from his highly important Firmamentum Sobiescianum sive Uranographia.

Mars in Gemini is associated with mental hyperactivity, so it's possible to become obsessive, overly analytical, hypercritical and verbally aggressive with others under this influence.

Mars represents our conscious desires and our will forces deployed to manifest desired outcomes in our lives.

With Mars in Gemini, we may lack perseverance and focus, although there will be an abundance of activity, a whirlwind of social interaction and mental machinations galore.

Spiritually, Mars in Gemini increases the awareness of the duality of our existence, as seen in Gemini's symbol, the Twins. With this placement we fully experience the polarity between the egoistic personality and the Higher Self.

We can see the way our negative emotions, our animalistic drives, our socially conditioned behavior patterns, and our karmic wounds manifest in our lives, to the detriment of our own Higher Purpose and often in conflict with the best and highest good of those around us. This tension and this often painful awareness of our own schizophrenic behavior serves a positive purpose.

We will be motivated to exercise our will to overcome the limitations of the egoistic personality and to expand our consciousness so we can allow the expression of our Soul Purpose through the guidance of Higher Mind.

Mars in Gemini will be square to the New Moon in Virgo on August 27th, and we may feel bombarded by too much stimulation, too many commitments, and too much mental activity that could lead to nervous exhaustion in the short term. 

Nine of Swords, Thoth Tarot Deck

For those who know the secrets of the Kabbalah as revealed in the Tarot, Mars in Gemini is associated with the Nine of Swords, the card known as Cruelty in the Thoth Tarot. Inner agony, mental cruelty toward oneself and others, and the potential for attacks by enemies are all implied here. “Cognitive ability has fallen into the depths of darkness for many reasons. This is the world of unconscious primitive instincts, of psychopaths, and of extremes,” explains Aleister Crowley, author of the Thoth Tarot, in his discussion of the Nine of Swords.

During this long Mars in Gemini interval, Mars will conjunct the US Natal Mars which will be square Neptune. Anger, outrage and rebellion will manifest in a variety of ways. Communications will be weaponized, and you can expect an exponential increase in politically polarized hate speech. With Neptune in the mix, during what is essentially a US Mars return, during a peak period of the ongoing Pluto return, there will be a fog of disinformation, misinformation, propaganda and blatant lies blanketing the infosphere. 

The November elections in America will be the climax of an extremely difficult period of national infighting during the Mars in Gemini interval. The waning Uranus-Saturn square will be within one degree of exactitude during September and October 2022, emphasizing the potential for damaging confrontations between political enemies during this period of time, leading into the election. 

This constellation of aspects also indicate that America might be drawn into an escalation of military conflicts around the world. If this should occur, American military adventures would obviously be extremely ill-starred and unlikely to yield any positive benefits in the short term or the long term.

The good news about this month's Supermoon is that with Luna conjunct Saturn in Saturn's sign of Aquarius, there is a superabundance of energy available for manifestation of our top priorities through diligence, hard work, and self-discipline.

Jane and Curtis, Reynolda Gardens, Winston Salem, North Carolina, Selfie, Summer 2022

This month's newsletter is shorter than normal, because we are busy at Satya Center with unanticipated deadlines that are stressful but necessary. That's definitely typical for the astrological climate described in this month's Cosmic Weather Forecast.

Jane and I are using that energy this week to manifest an upgraded, modernized website. We are working day and night to prepare for the launch of Satya Center 4.0, along with our tireless programmer, Alex Smith, who has created the infrastructure for this new creation from his home office in New York.

We feel this will be our best website yet. Navigation, design, and shopping experience will all be enhanced, and we expect the checkout experience to be fast and flowing. We hope you will join us at the new website when it launches. We will keep you up to date and let you know when it goes live! 

We recommend that you take advantage of this month's powerful aspects by exercising your will forces, enhancing your spiritual practices, practicing patience and loving kindness in the face of any and all provocations in your world, and by focusing your energy on a creative project designed to improve your life and the lives of those around you. So don't forget that self-care and self-love are vitally important at this time.

Through inspiration, vision and creativity, the divided self is made whole!

The Divided Self Made Whole, Magic Lantern Drawing, by Jane Sherry

Jane and I affirm that you receive the grace and guidance you require to utilize these tumultuous energies for good, and to optimize your own lives during this time of troubles.

Meditation Moment: Any Kind of Sovereign by Jed A. Myers

St Edward's Crown, the centrepiece of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom
CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, of course, the king's mad.
It's mad to rule. My trouble's
this: I'm delusional!
For the ten-thousandth morning,
the glass pane above the bathroom sink
(always, the window over the ablution bowl)
shows a face I think
I own! The brain behind
announces the assumed name
(moniker like Stalin or FDR,
but more deeply familiar here)
while the presumed grey matter
steers the comb through the thicket
obscuring the dome. How am I
convinced once more, so easily, almost
completely (perhaps it's the eyes),
the gnome in the mirror
who guards this grove
of the mind (local tangle of roots
and branches) is any kind
of sovereign?

                       This knot
of wet vessels is a nexus
in a wilderness without edges, without
a namer to name. As I gather
pocket items, button my collar,
bound down the stairs and out the door,
inside (somewhere!) I surrender
to the forever of this singular madness,
self-sense, thrust of the form
of breath, of water, into the open
air, onto the road, the wheel
in the grip of these hands before me, fast,
forward in my magic throne!