Small Gorgeous Ruby Red Etched Garnet

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This Small Gorgeous Ruby Red Etched Garnet from Pakistan weighs 135 carats, or 27 grams or .95 ounces and is 1.25 inches long, so it is the ideal size to carry in your medicine bag or hold in the hand during meditation.

Small Gorgeous Ruby Red Etched Garnet

This is a Lightworker's power tool that is also very much a desirable rare collector's item, prized by mineralogists. 

Hold this amazing garnet gemstone up to a strong backlight, and you will see a deep, deep red nimbus of color surrounding the specimen. This specimen is similar in energy to elestial crystals, which have etched turrets rising from the shaft and from surfaces of the quartz termination faces.

These deep red etched garnets are vitreous, translucent gemstones with a hardness rated significantly above quartz crystal, characterized by the presence of aluminum and manganese, which imparts their striking reddish color.

Small Gorgeous Ruby Red Etched Garnet

Rare etched spessartine garnets display a myriad of tiny growth grooves and an unmistakable deep red coloration.

The finest dark red Spessartine garnets, normally found with contrasting white Albite matrix, come from Pakistan.

You can see traces of the white Albite matrix clinging to this gorgeous garnet in the pictures below.

Albite is a sodium aluminosilicate often found in igneous rocks, especially pegmatites, which are igneous rocks formed in the final stages of magma's crystallization. Pegmatites contain rare, large unique crystalline formations, such as this splendid Spessartine Garnet.

Small Gorgeous Ruby Red Etched Garnet

The garnet derives its name from the pomegranate seed. Pomegranate is called punica granatum in Latin.

Garnets have been used for millennia in shamanistic healing and spiritual traditions across the globe, by Native American Indians, Aztecs, Mayans, and African medicine men and healers. Garnet is also one of the stones found in the breastplate of the Israeli High Priest in the Old Testament.

Garnets were traditionally considered stones of protection in both the Middle East and European spiritual traditions, used to ward off demons and evil environmental influences, and to protect warriors in battle.

Garnets were also used as stones of sexual healing, to promote passionate connection between loving partners.

Most of all, garnets are the quintessential stone of prosperity, used to manifest abundant wealth and income for millennia in cultures around the world. 

Small Gorgeous Ruby Red Etched Garnet

All these properties are connected to the garnet's connection to the root chakra, which is colored red in the Western chakra system, and which governs issues of survival, adequate prosperity to sustain life, and sexual energy.

The root chakra is the site of the coiled kundalini energy which is the fountainhead of all spiritual experiences, and thus the garnet is also thought to awaken the kundalini energy which normally lies dormant in human beings until awakened by a spiritual teacher or by intense spiritual experience of some kind.

Garnets typically are used by spiritual healers to transmute negative energy or stuck energy within a sick person into healthy energy, and to restore the proper flow of life force energy throughout the individual's body.

Small Gorgeous Ruby Red Etched Garnet

The red color of the garnet indicates its affinity with the root chakra, normally associated with the color red in the Western chakra system. In addition, this garnet works to energize the "hara" center, located about two fingers width below the navel, which is the location where the individual's "chi", "prana" or universal life force energy is stored. 

The garnet works to equilibrate, cleanse and energize the root and second chakras, grounding the bearer, strengthening the bearer's self-confidence and sense of physical security, enhancing the sexual energy, the flow of prana, and the store of universal life force energy in the physical body.

Small Gorgeous Ruby Red Etched Garnet

Jane and I have used etched spessartine garnets in Reiki treatments on ourselves and with clients, and have found that this is one of the most powerful gemstones we have ever used to enhance the flow of universal life force energy, "chi", or "prana" in the body.

First the user experiences a warm rush of chi into the root chakra region, and then a flow of warm energy upward into the second and third chakras. It feels so good! These are some of the most powerful crystals of their size that we have seen. Jane says that she feels the energy traveling all the way from her root chakra up the spine and into the heart!

We have found meditation with this type of garnet to be very restorative and have felt a deep connection to a vast "library" of cosmic wisdom contained within these etched Tanzanian garnets, similar to the experience of meditating with an elestial crystal.

This crystal has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation.

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Note: Above weight is shipping weight. Net weight is 135 carats, 27 grams, or .95 ounces.

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