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This beautiful Sterling Silver pendant from The Jewelry Factory, the creators of the Tools of Evolution line of sacred geometry pendants is made with a beautiful soft edged triangular labradorite cabachon with a sparkling pale green hiddenite accent stone. Hiddenite is a member of the spodumene family of which kunzite is a member. Hiddenite has similar qualities as kunzite in that it is a gently relaxing, soothing and heart focused stone. It can enhance any practices geared toward becoming more compassionate, both toward oneself as well as others. It is also very relaxing to the mind, which can further enhance any work being done to open the heart to the energies of unconditional love.

Labradorite is a wonderful stone which displays chatoyance, or that reflective quality of iridescent or fire-like light which is found in such gemstones as star sapphire, moonstones, opals & tiger eyes. It is a member of the feldspar family & I have found it to be very centering. It seems to assist in gently aligning soul purpose with clear intellect & the emotions.

I wear labradorite when there is a lot going on in my life and I need to stay focused on what is most important. I find it to be a wonderful Soul assistant when I need to focus on many planes of existence.

I also feel that it is easier to think clearly when I wear labradorite, if I am feeling a bit scattered. It helps to ground my electrical energies so that I am able to focus more clearly in order to find a grounded centering point, from which to approach the many influences which serve to distract me.

When I wear this combination of stones, of Hiddenite with Labradorite, I am able to have a restful sleep, where my mind can finally quiet down and my body and Soul can accomplish the process of repair and assimilation of the many levels of events in the many layers of my body. And during the day, it assists in staying calm and grounded in action, thought & emotion.

We find this stone to be both grounding as well as uplifting and helps to impart a feeling of protected space around our auric field.

All in all, this is a very beautiful, protective and helpful stone for our modern times when we are asked to reach for Higher Planes while balancing the many demands of daily life, family, children, careers and our own health as well as that of our loved ones.

Actual Weight: .25 oz.

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