Pallasite Altarpiece with Peridot Gems

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This amazing 1.66" long Pente Pallasite Altarpiece with Peridot, weighing 38 grams or 1.35 ounces, is a slice of the Jepara Meteorite from Java, Indonesia. Meteorites are more rare than gold on earth and very few are what are known as Pallasites.

This beautiful gemstone-laced meteorite specimen is large enough to place on your altar as a centerpiece and yet the perfect size to hold in the hand during meditation or crystal healing sessions.

Pallasites are meteorites with an iron-nickel matrix displaying centimeter sized gemstone quality chunks of olivine. Gemstone quality olivine is also known as peridot.

Pallasite Altarpiece w/Peridot Gems Pallasite Altarpiece w/Peridot Gems

The Jepara meteorite originated from somewhere in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter millions of years ago!! The Jepara meteorite containing olivine was discovered in 2008 in Jepara, Indonesia.

Our experience in working and meditating and wearing meteorites is truly inspiring and that is why we have decided to make them available to our customers, many of whom also meditate, work in the healing arts or want to participate in creating the new paradigm shift on earth.

We find Pallasites to be not only repositories of Cosmic Energy from deep space but also deeply grounding, making these stones powerful assistants in accessing the Divine, our Higher Selves and a calm and tranquil energy stream.

Properties of Peridot

Peridot (also known as olivine) is the common name given by gemologists and jewelers to several varieties of a fairly rare magnesium iron silicate crystal commonly found in lava formations and meteorites -- known more technically by mineralogists as fosterite and fayalite.

In America many jewelers sell green garnets as "peridot", which is somewhat confusing. Garnets are far more common than the much more desirable and hard to get "true" peridot, which is available only from a very few volcanic locations around the world, and from even more rare meteorite falls.

True peridot has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 and a high specific gravity, due to the presence of iron in the gemstone, which is often found in igneous formations heavy in hematite. Peridot kinds and colours vary as follows: chrysolite is a yellowish green; peridot or "evening emerald" normally exhibits olive pistachio or leek-green colour, of a hue more subdued than the emerald.

Peridot is said to have been one of the stones found in the breastplate of the high priest of the Israelites in the Old Testament.

Pallasite Altarpiece w/Peridot Gems

In the Western mystery school traditions and many New Age chakra systems, yellow is the color of the third chakra, found in the stomach and solar plexus region, which is associated with the astral body and issues of personal power, hopes, dreams, fantasies and aspirations. In these systems, green is associated with the fourth, or heart chakra, the mental body, issues of relationship, universal feelings of unity and compassion, and individual beliefs and values.

Metaphysical crystal experts say that peridot radiates a warm, relaxing and cleansing energy, related especially to the third and fourth chakras. Peridot is said to stimulate the heart and solar plexus chakras, bringing the activities of the mind into harmony with affairs of the heart. Peridot helps the bearer to an intellectual understanding of relationships, and to regulate the physical, mental, and emotional cycles surfacing in each stage of the life path.

Peridot is also said to lessen the impact of jealousy, traditionally associated with the color green, and chronic low-grade anger, traditionally associated with a sickly greenish yellow which is the color of bile, or gall.

Crystal healers often use peridot to tonify, energize and strengthen the body, which makes sense given its close association with the solar plexus and heart. For the same reason, peridot is used in the treatment of disorders of the lungs, heart, spleen and digestive tract.

Pallasite and the Archangel Michael Connection

Most importantly, we feel the high hematite content of the Pallasite meteorites manifests as an energy signature with a strong affinity to Archangel Michael and therefore imparts tremendous grounding and a protective energy shield around the body.

Pallasite Altarpiece w/Peridot Gems

For those seeking a strong connection to Archangel Michael, for those seeking to raise their energies to the Higher Chakras, and for those seeking to Ascend to Heart-Centered Consciousness, for those seeking to experience the joy and sorrow of Christ’s Compassion toward all beings, and for those seeking to experience the Consciousness of the Cosmic Christ, Pallasite is clearly a powerful Lightworker’s tool, as well as a beautiful and highly prized mineralogical treasure.

Esoteric Christianity makes a link between hematite and Archangel Michael, and a stone containing hematite can provide the bearer with a powerful connection to Michael, providing access to the Archangel's loving wisdom and power to dissolve illusion through the activity of his famous sword, the sword of Ultimate Truth.

In late August or early September, just prior to the entry of the sun into Libra during the month of the Autumn Equinox, in the northern hemisphere, the meteor showers are visible at night.

Archangel Michael Vanquishes a Fallen AngelAt this time of year, when sensational meteor showers, largely composed of iron, traditionally streak across the night sky, Esoteric Christian philosopher Rudolph Steiner’s clairvoyant vision saw the traditional flashing iron sword of Michael. This clairvoyant vision coincided with the traditional Christian Festival of Michaelmas.

According to Steiner, the meteoric sword of Michael was thought to cleanse the Earth’s atmosphere of summer's sulfurous influences, allowing the Higher Self to emerge and guide the initiate along the path of Spirit toward the birth of the Inner Christ Light, an event which takes place in December, during the festival of Christmas.

Michael’s Cosmic Cleansing of the Earth at the time of the Autumn Equinox promotes the Ascension of the Universal Life Force Energies, known as prana, chi, or kundalini, to rise from the lower three chakras into the heart chakra, and beyond.

For more information on Michaelmas, see our article entitled Libra Festivals: Michaelmas, Rosh Hoshanah, Ramadan and Navratri. 

This crystal has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It has also been cleaned and charged with the natural energy of sunlight. It is ready for you to program according to your own needs and desires.

NOTE: Above weight is shipping weight. Net weight 1.35 ounces or 38 grams.

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