Madagascar Smoky and Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter

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This amazing totally untreated, partially polished Madagascar Smoky and Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter measures 4.33" high by 1.8" wide by 1.4" deep and weighs 7.45 ounces, just slightly less than half of a pound!

Madagascar Smoky and Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter

This large Smoky Enhydrous Scepter from Madagascar radiates a soothing, grounding energy that unites us with the flowing seasonal transformations that create the ever-changing kaleidoscopic web of life on Mother Earth. As we allow ourselves to let go of the separate self, we relax our minds, and open our hearts. That's how healing begins.

This flawless scepter has absolutely no dings or imperfections on the termination tip, which contains a large channel containing water purified by hundreds of thousands of years of geological time, and intense heat and pressure, and the "channel" contains an extremely large air bubble.

You can see the large channel with the elongated bubble in the picture below, right where the red arrow is pointing.

Madagascar Smoky & Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter

The shaft sits on a small amount of matrix, adding to the mineralogical value of this unique specimen. Look deep inside the tip and view a Zen landscape complete with swirling gossamer clouds, rainbow inclusions and brilliant white accreted stair-step inclusions against the back of the crystal.

Properties of the Enhydro

Madagascar Smoky & Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter -- Closeup Photo of Enhydro Channel and Bubble

Madagascar Smoky & Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter 
Closeup Photo of Enhydro Channel and Bubble

The word enhydrous comes from the Greek and means "having water within". The American Geological Institute’s Glossary of Geological Terms uses the term "enhydro" strictly to refer to "a hollow nodule or geode of chalcedony containing water, sometimes in large amounts".

Most rockhounds refer to any crystal containing a pocket of water as an "enhydro" and we prefer the common usage to technical terminology so we refer to water-containing crystals as enhydros. Enydros often contain bubbles of air trapped in the pockets of water within the crystal, and so they are also sometimes called "water bubble quartz".

Water bubble quartz enhydros were formed by some estimates as much as 220-400 million years ago. The edges of the quartz formation crystallized faster than the inner regions, forming troughs that trapped water and other material.

As the inner troughs cooled, and were covered by yet more layers of crystal growth, the trapped liquid would cool and contract, forming air bubbles within the crystal.

By the logic of their formation, enhydrous water bubble quartz usually contains more inclusions than other types of crystals, so you won't find stunning clarity in a water bubble quartz crystal. That would be against their nature.

Madagascar Smoky & Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter

These rare crystals have some unique metaphysical properties that lightworkers, meditators, and spiritual seekers will appreciate. Water is associated with the emotions, and the emotions are associated with the emotional body, often called the astral body, which is the home of our dreams, ancestral spirits and past-life imprints.

Enhydrous quartz contains water that has retained its purity over countless millennia and been continuously charged and cleansed by the surrounding quartz crystal formation, so that water represents emotions that have undergone a most rigorous and thorough purification.

Thus enhydrous crystals can be used to purify the emotions, to encourage the smooth flow of emotional life, to remove emotional blockages, and to facilitate the release of emotional blockages caused by traumas in this and previous lifetimes. The presence of the purified water within the crystal adds to this stone's power to protect the user and purify the stone's environment of all negative emotions by transforming negative energies into more positive frequencies.

Properties of the Scepter Formation

A scepter crystal is a rare type of crystal formation in which the main crystal formed around a pre-existing crystal rod, resulting in a unique geological geometry.

Madagascar Smoky & Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter

The original crystal rod formed over vast periods of geological time and then, conditions changed, and became more favorable to crystal growth. Perhaps the crystal was surrounded by a solution of super-saturated silica, for instance, triggering a rapid growth spurt.

Mineralogists suggest that rapid growth favors the formation of a crystal’s point rather than its faces because points are composed primarily of edges, and during rapid crystalline growth edges and points generate a higher electrical charge than the rest of the crystal, and this higher electrical charge attracts silica molecules, which then form an engorged “head”, “knob”, or “point” around the pre-existing crystal rod, which acts as a “handle” for the new crystal scepter.

In any case, there is no doubt that all scepter crystals had a “troubled childhood” which typically involved two-stages of crystallization, and oftentimes earthquake shocks, multiple freeze-thaw cycles and severe transformations in the chemical composition of the pockets within which crystals form and grow.

Madagascar Smoky & Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter

Scepter crystals were traditionally used by shamanic practitioners, high priests and high priestesses in various cultures around the world for healing and to connect to Higher Worlds.

They are considered by lightworkers to be powerful amplifers of energy, which can transmit as much energy as other quartz crystals many times their size.

Properties of Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is one of the most energetically powerful and mineralogically mysterious of all quartz crystals, often undervalued since this form of quartz is not flashy, transparent or glittering to the eye.

Madagascar Smoky & Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter

Mineralogists say there may be more than one cause for the gray to brown to black color range of this very popular form of quartz crystal, ranging from sodium to other minerals in the crystal. According to Melody ("Love is in the Earth"), smoky quartz is produced by the presence of sodium in clear crystal, facilitating the regulatation of fluids in the body, acting much like a mineral supplement bringing mineral equilibrium.

Other mineralogists suggest other theories concerning the dark pigment in smoky quartz, including the presence of trivalent titanium or the presence of carbon compounds.

Madagascar Smoky & Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter

Some mineralogists suggest that the characteristic dark brown to black color of smoky quartz is produced when clear quartz is exposed to natural radiation emanating from radioactive rocks in the same geological formation where the quartz crystals form and grow.

The current scientific hypothesis is that when clear quartz is exposed to radiation, the radiation alters the oxidation states of mineral impurities found within the quartz structure, resulting in smoky quartz.

“The frequent occurrence of smoky quartz in association with rare earth and radioactive minerals is very significant, for later it will be indicated that smoky quartz may have been colored through the action of radioactive elements,” says the University of Michigan’s Edward F. Holden, in a 1925 article in The American Mineralogist. In Ontario smoky quartz is a constant associate of radioactive minerals,6 and the same association is frequent in Madagascar. Enormous smoky quartz crystals occur in the well known radioactive pegmatite of Baringer Hill, Texas.”

Madagascar Smoky & Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter

“The evidence given thus far is in agreement with the theory that smoky quartz owes its color to atoms of silicon, formed by the disintegration of silica, through the action of radium radiations,” Holden continues. “The mechanism of the formation of the free silicon may perhaps be pictured in this way: The radiations may remove the four outer electrons from a silicon atom, which would then be equally shared by the two associated oxygen atoms. As a result, two free oxygen atoms and a free silicon atom would be formed. They could take no part in the crystal structure since their attractive force for other atoms would have been destroyed. Hence, they should act as small inclusions, the silicon atoms producing the light-scattering and the color so characteristic of smoky quartz. We would expect the silicon atoms to be most effective in scattering light because of their greater atomic weight, and the possibility of the escape of the oxygen atoms.”

From this scientific analysis it is clear that smoky quartz, although quite likely formed through the action of radioactive elements, is not radioactive itself, and this perfectly natural process is not detrimental to the crystals or to human beings utilizing these crystals for ornamentation, in meditation, for crystal healing, or for any other purpose.

Smoky quartz has been a favorite healing stone of shamanistic practitioners around the world for thousands of years.

According to modern day energy healers, smoky quartz works slowly and thoroughly to relieve imbalances in the physical and etheric bodies, with special emphasis on the solar plexus and its associated chakra, the third or Manipura chakra associated with personal power and vital energy. And it works on the hands and feet. Smoky quartz can, over time, help to balance the flow of vital energy throughout the physical and etheric bodies, and aids in the development of a healthy, fully functioning chakra system.

Madagascar Smoky & Clear Bubble Quartz Scepter

It is an aid in gently releasing blockages caused by negative energy patterns in the emotional body. Smoky quartz has been used as an aid in meditation, for energy healing, and to create a protective barrier of energy around the holder, being grounding and clearing the mind.

Our experience in working with smoky quartz both for ourselves in meditation and self treatment & with clients on the Reiki table is one of supreme protection, slow and deep healing, and gentle awakening of spirit. Smoky quartz guards our house, is a companion to the sick and is a humble & deep gift from the Mother.

This crystal has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using Reiki, a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It has also been cleaned and charged with the natural energy of sunlight. It is ready for you to program according to your own needs and desires.

We know you will use this powerful crystal with loving wisdom and respect its long journey in the Earth that has lasted for many long historical cycles. Accepting this crystal into your life is a responsibility as well as a delight. This crystal is not a toy, but rather a powerful tool, a love-gift from the Divine Mother, and should be treated with the utmost respect and appreciation.

Read more about quartz and other types of crystals and gemstones at the Crystalpedia. Check out our FREE e-book Spirits of Stone: A Lightworker's Guide to Crystals and Gemstones for Healing and Meditation for an overview of the metaphysical and mineralogical properties of quartz, and a step-by-step guide explaining how to cleanse, charge, and program quartz crystals for healing, meditation and other spiritual purposes.

Note: Above weight is shipping weight. Net Weight is 7.45 oz.

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