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ON SALE!! Blue Amber Slim Teardrop Pendant
ON SALE!! Blue Amber Slim Teardrop Pendant ON SALE!! Blue Amber Slim Teardrop Pendant

ON SALE!! Blue Amber Slim Teardrop Pendant

Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.75" x 0.5" x 0.25"

Shipping Weight: 14 oz.


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This unique Dominican Blue Amber Pendant combines the energy and beauty of one of the most ancient and beloved healing stones, used for jewelry and as talismans of power since the Stone Age. It is very beautifully set into a sterling silver backed setting & elegant bale and comes on a lovely silver chain.
Blue Amber Teardrop
Dominican Blue Amber is a very rare form of amber only available in the Dominican Republic. What is unique about this amber, is that it appears to  to have a quality of fluorescence. According to Wikipedia, recent "studies show that the blue variety reveals an intesnse fluorescence emission in the visible wavelength region, between 430 and 530 nm, with spectral features which are typical of aromatic hydrocarbons." It shows some similar spectral qualities as with phosphorescence, the only difference being the amount of time the mineral glows. So under ordinary light, against a white background, light simply goes through the amber & it appears similar to any other amber. However, looking at the blue amber against a dark background, or under an ultra violet light or 'black light', the stone fluoresces blue!

We have looked at these lovely blue ambers under sunlight, incandescent light & against dark backgrounds & have found that at certain angles without any special light sources, you can see the spectral blue, a divine shining light which emanates off of these magical stones. With no special light sources at all, these ambers are simply beautiful amber, filled with light!

The metaphysical properties of this amber are similar to any other amber with the added benefits of its spectral emissions. This stone can help you to shine a light into the dark, to illuminate those aspects of ourselves or our relations which resist clarity or remain hidden. It can help one to see into hidden places, other dimensions, other aspects of our lives around us not normally visible in everyday light so to speak. This stone has a higher vibration & can assist us in breaking through our own resistance to our own higher vibratory patterns. In working with this stone in meditation, I found that it can gently assist in remapping, or rewiring electrical or neural circuitry helping us to move forward into those areas in our lives normally kept behind closed doors in the darkened rooms of our subconscious.

Amber is fossilized tree sap which is on average 30-90 million years old. The inclusions in Amber are typically tiny plant and animal organisms that became trapped in the liquid resins before they solidified. In most cases the organic material disappears over the course of geological time and one finds cavities or bubbles within the amber where the organic material once appeared. Sometimes fragments of leaves, flowers, fruits, insects or tiny animals can be seen as well.

Amber is one of the few non-mineral gemstones popular with lovers of fine jewelry throughout the ages. Amber talismans and other amber artifacts dating from the Stone Age abound in archaeoligical sites in Prussia, Denmark and Schlesswig-Holstein.

In Greek mythology, Phaeton, beloved son of the Sun-God Helios, borrowed his father's chariot, the vehicle of the Sun, and drove the chariot too close to the Earth, scorching the landscape. Zeus, enraged at this rash disruption of the harmoy of the spheres, hurled a thunderbolt at the young upstart, catapaulting him to his death, plunging him into the river Eridanus. "In pity for the unceasing grief of Phaëthon’s sisters, Zeus turned them into poplars, from which, it was believed, their tears oozed forth and became amber, the stone of light; a poetic fancy due to the association of êlectron 'amber' with êlectôr 'the beaming sun,' " explains British Hellenic scholar L.C.L. Smyth in his description of Aeschylus' lost play The Heliades.

Amber played a role in our early understanding of electricity. If you rub amber on a piece of wool it becomes charged with static electricity in the form of electrons. Place a feather on the ground or a table below the amber and the strong negative charge in the amber will repel the electrons in the feather. Electrons will travel into the ground below the feather, leaving the feather with a net positive charge, and then the feather will be attracted to the amber. Remember that according to the law of attraction, opposites attract. The modern term electron was coined in 1891 by the Irish physicist George Stoney, using the Greek word for amber, because of its electrostatic properties

The golden color of amber signals a resonance with the crown chakra, which is considered to be gold, violet or white in the Western chakra system. Working on the seventh, or crown chakra, amber opens the gateway to Higher Mind, strengthening the energetic connection between the personality and the Higher Self, and helping us to achieve conscious awareness of our Higher Purpose in everything we do and say throughout our busy lives.

Amber is a stone of purification, cleansing and personal empowerment. Crystal healers use amber to transmute negative energies into positive energies. Prehistoric shamanistic practices included the burning of amber in fire ceremonies designed to cleanse the environment of all detrimental influences. Amber is also considered to be a golden stone of manifestation, empowering the bearer to manifest their desires and dreams into material reality, bringing love into one's life, strengthening marriage vows, and bringing good luck and protection to spiritual warriors.

We know that you will use this powerful crystal with loving care and respect its long evolutionary journey deep in the Earth, which has developed its unique metaphysical properties and beautiful appearance.

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