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The Corporate Grip on Food Tightens

By Palagummi Sainath on Jan 10, 2009

We have dismantled vital parts of our agriculture and with it, the livelihoods of millions. At a time when debates in India highlight the un-viability of corporate agriculture, giant corporations are betting the opposite. For them, at least, the current food crisis holds the promise of an undying source of super profit.

Category: Global News
Tags: environmental crisis/solutions, geopolitics, global news, organic farming/gardening

Nine Decades of Non-Violence: The Story of Satyagraha

By Palagummi Sainath on Sep 16, 2007

Satyagraha was Gandhi's peaceful protest movement in India that triggered the drive for independence in that country. Here's the story of an old Muslim gentleman who followed Gandhi and has practiced Gandhian precepts for fifty years.

Category: Global News
Tags: crisis of human civilization, hindu spiritual practices, yoga

Three 9/11s and the Power of Satyagraha

By Palagummi Sainath on Aug 27, 2006

There were three 9/11s in history. New York 2001. The bloody Chilean coup of 1973, and the non-violent one of 1906 —Gandhiji's satyagraha in South Africa. Two brought bloodshed, destruction, misery, and chaos. But the Mahatma's WMD — Weapon of Mass Disobedience — helped change the world for the better.

Category: Global News
Tags: 9-11, people power

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