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Venus Unbound

By Jane Sherry on Mar 3, 2016

The book explores the misogynist history of both Eastern and Western civilizations and reclaims the symbols of female power which have been subverted by priestly cultures worldwide.

Category: Love
Tags: great goddess, love/compassion, love/relationships, wise woman ways

Healing the World-Japan Earth Talisman

By Jane Sherry on Mar 15, 2012

Use this free talisman as a tool to focus your affirmations & love of our Mother Earth. Send healing energy to the etheric tear above Japan and healing energy to all of Japan.

Category: Global News
Tags: energy medicine, environmental crisis/solutions, fukushima, love/compassion, reiki

My Annual Checkup with Tibetan Physician, Dr. Yeshi Dhonden

By Jane Sherry on Sep 13, 2003

A visit to the Tibetan doctor is both a spiritual visit to a venerable monk and teacher and a transforming healthcare experience.

Category: Health & Healing
Tags: buddha, buddhist practices, cancer - tools for healing, prana, chi, or Universal Life Force energy, tibetan medicine

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