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The Rishi, the Sadhu, the Fool and the Milkmaid

By Curtis Lang on Oct 11, 2015

This parable, a love story for all times and places, reveals a path of enlightenment that depends upon the opening of the heart and the acceptance of joy in the midst of earthly suffering.

Category: Love
Tags: crisis of human civilization, divine love, divine lovers, hindu spiritual practices, human aura/energy body, love/relationships, partnerships, prana, chi, or Universal Life Force energy, romantic love, soulmates, subtle energy, unity consciousness

Tibetan Green Obsidian

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Mar 21, 2012

Green Obsidian provides a potent protection from the flow of undesirable thoughts, emotions and energies in our environment which have their origins in the negativity of other people with whom we come in contact day and night.

Category: Crystalpedia
Tags: ascension crystals and gemstones, crystals, human aura/energy body

Developing Positive Sensitivity—Empathy: an asset, not a liability

By Jann Garitty on Apr 15, 2008

Sensitivity is an issue of our times, it touches all types of personalities, ages, economic levels—it crosses all boundaries. Sensitivity can result in anxiousness or depression.

Category: Health & Healing
Tags: energy medicine, flower essences, human aura/energy body

Aquarius Foods in Mid Winter

By Jonathan Pearl on Feb 8, 2008

Welcome to Aquarius, the middle sign of winter. In Aquarius our focus shifts from Capricorn effort and accomplishment to communicating with society, exchanging beneficial ideas and acquiring knowledge. By learning from others we adopt new ideas that change the very structures that we established in Capricorn.

Category: Food
Tags: energy medicine, foods for healing, human aura/energy body, recipes


By Jane Sherry & Curtis Lang on Sep 23, 2004

In our energy work with several phenacites from around the world, one thing is clear -- phenacite increases the flow of prana throughout the mind-body-aura, elevates energy from lower chakras into higher chakras, and helps move awareness to the Higher Mind centers -- assisting us in connecting with Divine Source.

Category: Crystalpedia
Tags: ascension crystals and gemstones, crystal healing, crystals and precious gems, Higher Self, Higher Purpose, Higher Mind, human aura/energy body, meditation, prana, chi, or Universal Life Force energy

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