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Summer Solstice, Archangel Uriel and St. John's Day 2018

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Jun 18, 2018

Now is the time when the power of the individual to make conscious choices is at its maximum. The Sabian symbol for the first degree of Cancer is "On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one." The revolution has begun. This is a pivotal moment in the annual cycle of seasons, a time to initiate dramatic changes in your world. Where in your world is a revolution needed? Resolve to be true to yourself and your personal beliefs. In truth is strength, and through strength, the world can be renewed.

Category: Cosmic Weather Forecast
Tags: anthroposophy, aromatherapy, great goddess, herbs, summer solstice

Summer Solstice Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, Gemini Solar Festival 2016

By Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry on Jun 17, 2016

The now-infamous Grand Mutable Cross forms and re-forms this month, perfecting this Sunday, June 19, and regressing into a potent T-Square on June 25. There is a fog of confusion, paranoia, anger, recrimination, and ego-inflation blanketing the collective consciousness. We are in the no-man’s land between one age and another. The way forward is uncharted. There are no gps systems that provide co-ordinates for the unfolding new world that will emerge in the new age to come. If anyone approaches you with a treasure map or some other deal that seems too good to be true, rest assured, it is!

Category: Cosmic Weather Forecast
Tags: age of aquarius, astrological forecasts, crisis of human civilization, environmental crisis/solutions, festival of humanity, foods for healing, geopolitics, global financial crisis, herbs, meditation, summer solstice, US politics

Cancer Solar Festival, Capricorn Full Moon July 2015 Cosmic Weather Forecast

By Jane Sherry & Curtis Lang on Jul 1, 2015

Summer Solstice is the time for the community to rejoice in the many gifts of the Great Mother, in her myriad manifestations of Female Power, Nurturer and Creatrix. Now is the time to celebrate the heightened sense of energy all around, the success of the spring planting and the joy of new love. Now the entire community rejoices in the commitment to an abundant future expressed in new marriages, ripening corn and wheat in the field, tomatoes forming on the vine and the seasonal sharing of the first ruby red strawberries.

Category: Cosmic Weather Forecast
Tags: astrological forecasts, great goddess, herbal tinctures/healing products, herbs, summer solstice

June 2012 Cosmic Weather Forecast Part I: Stellar Fireworks Display!

By Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry on Jun 4, 2012

This month the sky is filled with signs and portents of earth-shaking change, some hopeful, some ominous, and the energy streaming in to us from the Cosmos is so powerful that our very physical vessels are challenged to maintain equilibrium. The task of humanity is to step forward into the Light with courage. The courageous are not necessarily fearless at all. The courageous are those who follow their Higher Purpose despite their fear!

Category: Cosmic Weather Forecast
Tags: age of aquarius, astrological forecasts, crisis of human civilization, festival of humanity, fukushima, grand cardinal cross, great goddess, hindu spiritual practices, people power, summer solstice, theosophy

June 2011 Cosmic Weather Forecast: Solstice Joy, Pentecost Spirit, and a July Cross to Come

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Jun 14, 2011

Meditate upon the fact that you as an individual, in co-operation with other like-minded individuals, can work together to bring about a total transformation of the social vessel which currently carries you across the ocean of life. The first step is to join together, make the commitment to change, and raise the flag of peace, love and understanding.

Category: Cosmic Weather Forecast
Tags: archangel uriel, ascended masters, ascension practices, festival of humanity, hindu spiritual practices, Holy Spirit, kundalini, meditation, pentecost, summer solstice, tarot/kabbalah

Jane's Summer Solstice Poetry 2010: A Different Gulf War

By Jane Sherry on Jun 21, 2010

my wish, Remember this Solstice. Pray for healing, pray to be heard around the world in every language.

Category: Jane's Garden Report
Tags: poetry, summer solstice

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