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The Ruling Elites Are Not Like You and Me

By Bill Herbst on Jun 18, 2011

The Uranus-Pluto alignment that defines the 2010s is the most significant of all decades where those configuations occurred — more than than the revolutionary 1780s and 1850s, more than the convulsive 1930s, more than the turbulent and world-changing 1960s! The ruling elites will be hard-pressed to maintain their power as social, governmental, and commercial institutions lose coherence and break down. So they've declared war on the rest of us!

Category: Global News
Tags: age of aquarius, astrological forecasts, crisis of human civilization, environmental crisis/solutions, geopolitics, global financial crisis, global news, grand cardinal cross, people power

Ocean Jasper

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Jul 9, 2007

Ocean Jasper in all its forms, colors and patterns, helps us to connect with the Ocean of Wisdom that resides in the collective unconscious of humanity, helping us to creatively communicate the timeless truths of existence in symbols, myths, stories, dance, pictures, and song that are in tune with the current "zeitgeist", the Spirit of the Age in which we live.

Category: Crystalpedia
Tags: age of aquarius


By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Jun 17, 2006

Crystal healers say that Larimar facilitates deep insight into one's own true nature as a spiritual being incarnated in a material world, and helps the bearer to release attachments to sensory stimuli and to release materialistic thought-forms and mental maps of the world. Larimar stimulates the upper chakras and prompts the bearer to view existence from a more spiritual perspective, providing a taste of the way that angels see reality.

Category: Crystalpedia
Tags: age of aquarius, chakra system, crystal healing

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